Audiojack Makes Their Triumphant Return to Los Angeles on 8/11

09 August 2017 - - - The DJ List


One of the most exciting underground duos are coming back to Los Angeles on 8/11 as internationally-acclaimed AUDIOJACK are teaming up with Wulfpack and Thunderbird. This will be an rare event as Audiojack do not come around to the US very often. This wont be a night you wanna miss as the group will be supported by Denver's own AARON BORDAS, and Wulfpack's AARON JACOBS.

You can purchase tickets at https://goo.gl/V5Aed3

Remaining true to their beliefs and staying relevant without being contrived is at the core of Audiojack's success. The duo never rests on their laurels, reinventing themselves whenever necessary, although in an organic manner. In today's fast-paced, ever growing electronic music world it's not always easy to keep a cool head and maintain credibility and integrity. Audiojack stand proud as an example of how to do things the right way.

Colorado native Aaron Bordas is one of a rising breed of young DJs and producers permeating the electronic music scene. Inspired by a rooted love for house and deep tech, he delivers a unique sound all his own cultivated by an unrelenting dedication to quality and technical mastery that easily sets him apart from the fray.

Aaron Jacobs, originally from the enchanted high mountain deserts of Santa Fe, New Mexico is easily one of the most adaptable DJs around. His thirst for hard to find grooves became an obsession while collecting vinyl records. Aaron has played on many platforms that have molded his range of style and tempo over the years. This gave him the ability to control the mood while staying true to his unique flavor. Currently based in Los Angeles, he is a co-founder of Wülfpack Records. Aaron and the pack have quickly become a SoCal staple in the underground community. Experience the beautiful, deep, groovy, and slightly dirty dance floor he creates that will keep you asking for more.

Premium cocktail and beer menu will be available at modest prices.

FREE parking available on surrounding streets, uber / lyft / carpooling is advised.

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