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Pioneered in the late 1990’s in South London, dubstep has evolved into a global genre. With connections to dub reggae and 2-step garage, the hybrid music became popular for its brash sub-bass and shuffling rhythms. Early dubstep artists that helped popularize the sound include Hatcha, Skream, Kode9, and Mala.

Although the first dubstep singles started to trickle out in 1998, it was the FWD>> party at London’s Plastic People club that really started to define the sound. By 2002, the influential party was in full swing and dubstep labels like Tempa and Big Apple were promoting up-and-comers. Even in these early days, all of the best dubstep artists offered a distinct take on the bass-heavy style. Soon, famous radio DJs like John Peel and Mary Anne Hobbs caught wind of the genre and devoted plenty of airtime to it.

Today, dubstep has found millions of fans across the pond, with DJs like Skrillex, Nero, and RL Grime playing huge festivals in North America. For many music lovers, the dubstep DJ serves as an entryway to the broader dance music landscape. The latest version of the style features more aggressive percussion, chaotic breakdowns, and the trademark wobble bass. It has also spread into Top 40 radio, with tracks from Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, and Taylor Swift using dubstep influences for pop and hip-hop music.

Although the dubstep DJ was born in humble London clubs, today’s best dubstep artists pay homage to the English style and subvert it in exciting ways. They’ve also brought EDM to the forefront of pop culture, inspiring a whole new generation of producers to create their own sonic worlds. Here is the global DJ List for dubstep.

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