At The DJ List, we want to connect you to your favorite artists so that you know when shows pop up in your hometown. We’ve created a worldwide database that’s organized by continent, country, and city. Here, you can see a local DJ ranking for your city, as well as today’s hottest venues, labels, and party promoters.

You might be thinking, “There are no EDM concerts near me, and the only raves near me are a 12-hour drive down a backcountry road.” You’d be surprised. These days, EDM events are spreading to smaller towns, so there’s usually something happening within a reasonable driving distance. The best way to stay in the loop on local events is via the DJ List app. Available for iOS and Android, the app is a conveniently portable version of The DJ List, with a full DJ ranking and events page.

Using the app’s GPS functionality, you can find out which events are happening in your city this week. Each event is listed with the full lineup, venue info, event hours, and links to purchase tickets. If you’re interested in the party, you can select “Add to Calendar” to save it to your profile’s personal calendar. Then, you can also select any artist in the lineup to sample some of their music.

In short, the world is slowly becoming an EDM paradise, with elaborate parties happening in every major city, as well as under-the-radar events in small towns. With our global database, you can stay on top of your local DJ scene, while also seeing what events are happening in exotic locales. Could be a good excuse to finally plan that vacation in Ibiza.