Zookëper Returns to Enhanced with “Parallel Lines”

10 August 2019 - - The DJ List


Zookëper returns to ENHANCED with ”Parallel Lines,” following his debut on the label “Watch Me.”. A classic house beat, funky piano, and warm vocals from Cecilia Gault makes “Parallel Lines” super danceable and fun.

"For Parallel Lines, I wanted to use classic sounds and make a fun, piano-driven house tune,” ZOOKëPER said. “It's my take on the 90s-style records I used to hear at roller rinks when I was a kid, with some 2019 production behind it.”

The track illustrates the feeling of two people running in parallel lines despite the attraction they feel to one another.

“Parallel Lines” was inspired by that feeling of wanting what you can’t have. Whether there are emotional walls in the way or you’re currently on two different pages in life,” said Cecilia Gault. “The song is about feeling so perfect and strong for someone but feeling something in the way between you, never allowing you to ‘collide.’ My co-writer Kyle Kelso and I wanted you to visualize that feeling with the lyrics.”

Listen to ”Parallel Lines,” out now.

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