New York Gains A New Crown Jewel in Gather Outdoors

New York Gains A New Crown Jewel in Gather Outdoors

01 June 2019 - - The DJ List


Over Memorial Day Weekend, Teksupport brought the magic of Gather Outdoors to take over the luscious pine filled woods of Holiday Mountain Resort in Monticello, New York. While some festival goers arrived the night before the festival started to set up their camps early, the bulk of attendees arrived the day of, by way of shuttle or car. Once arriving in Monticello, busses ferried people from the drop off/parking area to the main campgrounds.

Campgrounds | Photo Credit: Off Brand Project

Entering the festival grounds, a long line of RV’s led up the path along a pristine river up to Stage 1 (Hemlock), where it was immediately clear the level of detail and craftsmanship that had gone into the stage design. An intricate wooden lattice structure overlayed on top of multiple LED strips made up the background of what would be the most intense stage during the weekend. Located directly behind the main lodge, Stage 2 (Beech) displayed an even more inventive design. Immense pieces of corrugated metal with three large holes cut into them that contained giant swooping fan blades spinning gracefully in the wind while whimsical patterns were played on the LED walls behind. When asked, a member of the Teksupport team confirmed that one designer with the help of three others had worked every day for 2 weeks prior to the festival hand fabricating each stage, highlighting the painstaking attention to detail surrounding the stage design.
Behind Stage 1, a mixture of both Glamping and GA Camping tents speckled the hillside leading up to the main lodge where several food and drink options were offered, most notably the hardworking staff from the Gotham Burger Social Club cooked up a storm of their award winning burgers. whose scent wafted throughout the campgrounds all weekend.
As Day 1 kicked off with sets from the likes of AVISION, ESKUCHE, and Christian Voldstadt, the skies slowly grew dark and settle into the first night giving way to the intensity both of light and sound of all stages firing on full cylinders. One thing that was immediately apparent was that there was an eclectic selection of people attending the festival, from the all-black clad techno purists, the camping festival veterans, to the more whimsically dressed, the spectrum of festival attendees truly stretched across the entire dance music spectrum. On Stage 1 (Hemlock) the real darkness came through when GAISER hit the stage playing tracks with deep driving bass lines accentuated with the high hats one would expect from a true tech-house hybrid set. Gaiser set the tone perfectly to lead into the Italian heavyweight MARCO FARAONE hitting the stage, who displayed his prowess behind the decks in full force, bringing out guttural sounding tracks with soaring lead synths that tested the might of the speakers to the utmost degree, at times the ground itself shaking from the intensity. Throughout the night the intensity only compounded with sets from MATADOR, FLOORPLAN, VICTOR CALDERONE and finally PACO OSUNA rounding out the night on the stage. All the while Stage 2 (Beech) graced revelers with the housier side of the spectrum from MIRA, BUTCH, and a massive takeover by the DESERT HEARTS crew.

Stage 1 (Beech) | Photo Credit: Off Brand Project

While the rain did make it difficult to make it up to Stage 3 (which closed earlier in the night due to the rain) and the Red Kasbah tent (they was placed on top of a large hill that turned into a marshland post downpour), rumours of afterhours motivated some to trudge through the mud in the dark, only to be greeted by the sight of plush couches, intricate persian rugs and a robust amount of people swaying to the early morning sounds of the Zero, Member’s Only crew and AUDIOFLY as the sun rose in the background capping off Day 1.

Day 2 | Photo Credit: Chris Lavado

As Day 2 commenced it appeared that we would be blessed with a beautiful day, as the sun beamed down on the campgrounds drying up most of the rain from the night before and allowing campers to go swimming in the mountain chilled creek to cool off and prepare for another 12 hours of music. As 4 PM came around it was clear that the sun would not last and within the hour a torrential downpour came through the festival grounds, prompting all stages to be closed until the storm passed. At around 6 PM all had cleared up and all stages started back up again, including Stage 3 being reopened after being closed the night before. Attendees were treated to the melodic sounds of AGORIA, followed by a well deserved change of pace into the housier side of thing from MK on Stage 1, while DOC MARTIN played Stage 2 leading into the USA debut of Mr. G (Live) who pulled out some real techno classics while showing off his unique dance moves (which ended up coming back during Danny Tenaglia’s performance after).

Mr G. Performs On Stage 2(Beech) | Photo Credit: Chris Lavado

Back down at Stage 1, DJ NOBU played his unique brand of techno with its warping low ends and mind bending arpeggiated chords. MAYA JANE COLES followed, melding techno and hip hop tracks seamlessly into one another, leading into STACEY PULLEN’s classic Detroit sounds. The last two scheduled acts, FJAAK and AMELIE LENS truly turned things up to 11, bringing up the BPM count to an apex and whipping out some of the most classic acid tracks together with their own bangers such as FJAAK’s “Drugs” or Lens’ “In Silence”. An unexpected additional hour added on to the stage had New York DJ DESNA close out the festival on Stage 1.Behind the lodge at Stage 2, JAMIE XX displayed his immense prowess as a track selector, pulling track after track of obscure origins mixed with disco classics and a couple of his own. In addition the stage’s production was turned off, all but for Jamie’s signature 3 disco ball set up. Again at Stage 3 deep into the early morning the music kept pumping finally ending off with a giant bonfire to mark the end of the weekend.

Stage 3 After Hours (Oak-Members) | Photo Credit: Off Brand Project

End of Fest Bonfire | Photo Credit: Off Brand Project

The team at Teksupport truly put on an event that so many people deeply connected with even with any first year festival hiccups or rain issues. One thing is sure, Gather Outdoors is the techno gem that New York needed and we can’t wait to be back next year to Gather again.

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