X&G Present ‘Losing Myself’ EP on Insomniac Records

12 April 2020 - - The DJ List


X&G, real names Christian Williams (Xian) and Aaron Spasiano (Gaszia) make their debut on INSOMNIAC Records with their new 'Losing Myself' EP. This 4-track EP includes the title track “Losing Myself,” which was released last month.

“‘Losing Myself’ was conceived by us taking the groove of a really goofy bongo loop, which turned into the opening bassline,” said X&G. “That sort of inspired the whole concept of this song: Losing yourself in the music and just having fun and not being too serious about things all the time.”

This carefree attitude is echoed throughout the EP and after opening with the aforementioned single, X&G moves into darker rave territory on “Get ‘Em,” a wall-rattling weapon that incorporates old-school stabs before blasting through punchy bass lines and mind-wrecking drum programming. Bristol’s DREAD MC spits beast-mode bars on “Transform.” X&G are joined again by Salt Lake City house producer NATE LOWPASS, as well as long-time collaborator and esteemed vocalist JOSH PAN on “Beat Me.” The duo switches gears and wraps pan’s stunning spoken word with growling synths, acid-laced riffs, and the type of top-tier drum work that put them on the map.

“We both put a lot of love into this EP and are super stoked how it turned out. Each song feels different, yet similar. Combined, they make the X&G sound: a dark, shadowy, yet fun and energetic palette of sounds and atmosphere blurred together,” they said. “It’s really fun to say ‘f**k the rules’ and create something new and undefinable. We’re just lost in the process and lost in our own world having fun with it and going with the energy. Shout out to everyone who was part of the process!”

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