[TDJL INTERVIEW]: Worthy Drops Delicious "Disbehave" Remix Compilation

26 February 2015 - Leah Kennedy - The DJ List


D.C.-native-turned-Bay-Area-boy, co-creater of the original dirtybird parties, and Anabatic Records mogul, WORTHY, is a multidimensional figurehead in dance music history. You know him when you hear him; his sound parallels that kickdrum-heavy rhythm famously curated in the West Coast realm of house and techno music, but his beats carry a unique ring to them. The man has been producing those rambunctious, flavorful booty-bouncing beats we all know and love for quite some time now; most recently, he brought us his "Disbehave" EP - a staple soundtrack to get down to in last summer's heat.

Naturally, we were stoked to discover he had a remix compilation on the way, as well. TDJL recently had a chance to chat with Worthy about his upcoming, two-part "Disbehave Remixes" EP and learned about the crucial connections and lifelong friendships he's formed with the collaborating artists. Below is what transpired:

Leah: You've worked with a multitude of DJs and producers from across the spectrum for this album. Tell us a little about your selection process: How did you go about choosing these artists you wanted to work with? Was there a specific style/sound you we're looking for, for each particular track?

Worthy: "I just went about it by hitting up all of my friends who are amazing producers and asked to see if they would be interested in doing a remix. I was actually amazed at how many came back to me saying they would love to do one. I know so many musicians who do so many different styles of music, so it just worked out that I got a lot of different sounds on this package. For each track that got remixed twice, I was looking to get them remixed by artists who had different styles, just to experiment and see how versatile each track was. I had THUGFUCKER, who are deep and moody house music, and BACHELORS OF SCIENCE, who make drum 'n bass, both remix "The Words." It somehow worked out perfectly to really keep the same ethos that I had with my album, by varying the music for the remixes across multiple genres."

Leah: Tell us a bit about one (or several) of the collaborators you worked with. How did you develop close personal connections or good working relationships with them in the past, and what's it like to work with them on your current projects?

Worthy: "I’ll give you three. MATT TOLFREY put out one of my first records on his label Leftroom Limited. Without Matt giving me that start, I don’t know if I would have jumped into the music business when I did. I owe a lot to him for giving me confidence in my music. It is kind of like completing a weird circle with Matt doing the remix bringing me back to where it all started. The Thugfucker guys, Holmar and Greg, are two of the nicest dudes ever. I have been lucky enough to get to hang out with them at a lot of different festivals over the years and be complete goof balls with them. I also was lucky enough to be at Holmar's wedding last year at Burning Man which was pretty special to witness. They were also the first ones I hit up to do one of the remixes and why they are the first track. To have them on the comp means a lot to me, as I highly admire and respect their production. The STANTON WARRIORS have become good friends over the last year. They hit me up asking me to play their party in Miami last year, and since then, we have been working on some projects together. I did a remix of their track “Loving Me Wrong” from their new album, in return for them doing a remix for me. But to have them on this album blows my mind, since I have been a fan of theirs for ages. It is just amazing to see all of the artists who I love, remixing my music all at once... There is a little story for everyone on there."

Leah: As for Anabatic Records, what are your plans for its continued growth? What artists are on your radar currently, and for future collabs?

Worthy: "We are working on a new website that we should have up and finished in the next couple of weeks, and we are finally going to be getting some merch made. We are going to continue at what we do best, and that is finding amazing new artists to work with and helping to grow the artists we are working with. We have ADMN and EYES EVERYWHERE making some amazing tracks at the moment and getting support from the likes of GORGON CITY to JOHN DIGWEED. I have a couple of new ones up my sleeve for the next couple of months we can’t wait to release, but I am keeping them a bit of secret at the moment."

Leah: What else should we keep an eye out for this year? A "Disbehave Remixes" Tour, possibly...?

Worthy: "Lots of music on the way, I have a remix for the Stanton Warriors as I mentioned before, a remix for THE M MACHINE on OWLSA... I have a couple of collabs in the works with SINDEN, ADMN, NYTRON. And I am writing a whole bunch of new music that will be coming out soon, just not sure where yet. And yes, touring... In fact, I am off to Australia right now."

The "Disbehave Remixes" EP is resilient, unbridled, and undefined; a work of art that embodies the essence of Worthy's history and friendships. Part 1 debuted February 24, and Part 2 will be released March 17. Take a listen to Part 1 below!


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