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26 April 2019 - - - The DJ List


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It's no doubt that WORTHY has been releasing some of the best music for many years since the beginning of Dirtybird. We got a chance to discuss a bit about how it all got started for him, his latest releases and more.

How did you get into music from the beginning?

I really got into music when I was in about 7th or 8th grade, when I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar and bass. In High School I was in a couple of punk and hardcore bands. Being in those bands really gave me a drive to want to start writing music. I used to use a four track back then and try and create my own songs playing the guitar, bass, and drums. All of that lead to me getting into electronic music when I got to college, and gave me a foundation for exploring this relatively new sound.

Who or what is your biggest musical inspiration?

As for musicians I was really inspired by Fugazi when I was starting out. When I got into electronic music at first some of my biggest inspirations where OPTICAL and ED RUSH, LTJ BUKEM, and SASHA and Digweed. As of late, I really enjoy listening to indie rock and experimental artists like Panda Bear, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Tycho to name a few.

Describe to us your sound.

I like to play bass heavy house music that really amplifies the low end on the speakers. I feel like people really connect to that sound when I play. Just very bass-driven beats that make people actually dance.

How was touring been so far? Any memorable highlights?

Touring I have a love and hate relationship with. It's amazing to get to go to new cities and play for my fans around the world. But the airplane traveling can really take it out of you. There have been so many amazing shows over the years and tours I have gone on like touring Australia or Europe in the past. After awhile the shows become a blur because you do so many that they kind of blend together. Some that stick out to me from this last year where playing Desert Hearts, Holy Ship!, and Coachella.

Talk to us about your latest release "Omfa The BoomFa". What was the idea behind this record and how did the writing process go?

I write out a lot of ideas each week while trying not to put too much pressure on creating something amazing. This form of artistic splurging has been a tool I’ve learned that helps to really quiet down my inner critic and allow me to explore new sounds and just play around with ideas.
I came up with the bassline and synth line for this track, in one of those sessions and I felt inspired to take it forward into a full song. I wanted the song to take the listener on a weird journey with some spacey sounds, and I was trying to think of a vocal that would resonate with the strange vibe I was going for. Around this time my wife had been calling our daughter the nickname Omfa Boomfa (honestly I may have botched it a little but something like this) so I thought it would be funny nonsense to put our daughters nickname into the song, and surprisingly it kinda hit.

Do you have any upcoming records you can share with us about?

I have a record coming out with my friend VANILLA ACE that is a collaboration we did this past year that will be out on his label in May. After that I have another collaboration EP I did with MATHEW ANTHONY that will be coming out on Insomniacs, “In Rotation” record label in June. Later this year I’ll be putting out another solo record on my label Anabatic records, so keep an eye out for that this summer.

You're a longtime friend of the DIRTYBIRD camp; how did you meet CLAUDE VONSTROKE + co, and what is your favorite part of the DIRTYBIRD brand?

I have been with Dirtybird since day 1. JUSTIN MARTIN and I meet in 1997 in NYC in college. I meet Claude and CHRISTIAN MARTIN around 2002 after I moved to SF and we would all get together and DJ or just hang at a bar in Pacific Heights that the Martin brothers worked at. That is when and where the idea of throwing a park party came together. My favorite aspect of the whole brand, outside of my amazing friendships with the actual crew, are the awesome and amazing fans that we have who have been supporting us for so many years. Without them this whole thing would not exist..

You've also played a fair amount of BBQs. What makes these events different than others you've played in the past?

The BBQs now are so much different than they used to be, as the brand has expanded so much as has the fan base. Now there is a massive stage with lights and an insane sound system by Void. When we were back in Golden Gate park era, we used to have to carry in our small mackie sound system that back then seemed huge too me and put it next to our pop up tent. We would just pray that people would show up to dance with us. Now we also have a full on team of cooks grilling up the BBQ food for everyone on giants grills. Instead of having our single small BBQ that Grillson would bring out to the park and man on his own (ah the nostalgia). The evolution of the party is crazy and it is on such a giant scale now. I know that it will never be the same as those parties in the park, but I feel the vibe strong still there. The fans we have really make it something special, and it’s truly a special event that creates a fun and open atmosphere for people to be themselves.

For more information follow Worthy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify and Instagram.

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