Wildlight's Remix EP of 'Hers Was As Thunder' Available Now On Jumpsuit Records

07 January 2014 - - - The DJ List


The brainchild of THE POLISH AMBASSADOR and vocalist AYLA NEREO, WILDLIGHT is the perfect fusion of downtempo house, indie electro and folk music. Almost six months after the success of their original 7 track EP 'Hers Was As Thunder', the duo are back with a deep house infused 14 track remix EP featuring artists like BLOCKHEAD, THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, PUMPKIN, SAQI and more.

The unique combination of AYLA NEREO's folk riddled vocals with THE POLISH AMBASSADORS signature fusion of upbeat melodies, tribal rhythms and glitch-fueled basslines creates a wonderfully atmospheric album perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a beautiful countryside drive.

1. Wildlight - Twirl Me (Invisible Light Project Remix)
2. Wildlight - Save My Mind For Later (BLOCKHEAD Remix)
3. Wildlight - Oh Love (Marley Carroll Remix)
4. Wildlight - Live inside a Dream (SAQI Remix)
5. Wildlight - Dawn to Flight (THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE Remix)
6. Wildlight - Live Inside a Dream (Psydell Remix)
7. Wildlight - Oh Love (Ryan Herr Remix)
8. Wildlight - Conversations Between (DJ VADIM Remix) ft. PUGS ATOMZ
9. Wildlight - Twirl Me (PUMPKIN Remix)
10. Wildlight - Save My Mind for Later (DR. TOAST Remix)
11. Wildlight- Rise (BZNZ Remix)
12. Wildlight - Save My Mind for Later (Guy Edward Remix)
13. Wildlight - Conversations Between (Traveler Remix)
14. Wildlight - Save My Mind for Later (Meiwenti Remix)

The cherry on top of this release is that you can "Name Your Own Price" right here on Bandcamp - simply enter any value from 0 on up to show your love for WILDLIGHT, THE POLISH AMBASSADOR and AYLA NEREO. The original EP is currently available on iTunes. WILDLIGHT is the first act featured on The Polish Ambassador’s imprint Jumpsuit Records; look for this duo on tour this fall.

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