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Probably one of the youngest yet most talented artists we've been in a very long time. Enter WHETHAN, who is the 19-year-old producer and DJ. Whethan's rise to stardom began with his releases that hit the top charts such as “High” with DUA LIPA that also made it to “Fifty Shades Freed” soundtrack. He has also dropped “love gang” with CHARLI XCX, “Savage” with FLUX PAVILION & MAX, “Be Like You” with BROODS and more. Apart from the his creative success he has had his own headlining tour across North America hitting 42 cities. His latest release is “Superlove” with OH WONDER who is an alt-pop duo hailing from London. But all of us have definitely seen or heard of him nearly breaking the internet during his Coachella performance earlier this year after bringing Yodel Boy on stage with him. We got a chance to catch up with him as he discusses his newest single as well as his headlining tour “Life of a Wallflower.”

Talk to us about your record “Superlove” featuring Oh Wonder.

That is an amazing record. It was such a pleasure to work with Oh Wonder. I was a big fan of their music for a long time. I believe we got linked up on the internet and everyone was like you guys should make a song together. So we got in a room in Los Angeles, when to get some food first, got to know each other a little bit, etc. It was super organic, it was crazy. We ended up making a bunch of stuff that day.

How did you meet Oh Wonder?

Both sides of our teams were like you guys should work together. Josephine is a great writer. Anthony is also a great writer. It's a great combination.

What did the inspiration come for the music video for “Superlove”?

It's super interesting. It's super weird. I feel like a lot of people might not understand it when they first watch it. I knew exactly what was happening during it. I wasn't the most hands-on for this video like the rest of my other ones as I wanted to be. I really want to get into that side of it, directing videos, etc. Making sure all the moving parts are working together with my vision for it. That video was super funny and I wanted something super weird. You kind of have to wait until the end to figure out what is happening. You find out why everyone is acting so strange.

Talk to us about your massive upcoming tour “Life of a Wallflower”.

Very excited for this one. It's my third headlining tour. I started touring when I was 16 or 17 years old. I was just opening up for artists, not going on big tours or anything. I did a small club tour, then I did my first headlining tour called "Good Nights". Here we are with my third one called "Life of a Wallflower". This is probably going to be the biggest and best yet. I want to bring people to that world when they come to a show. It's definitely a process.

What was it like working with Dua Lipa on “High”? Did you know this was going to be on the soundtrack of “Fifty Shades of Grey”?

She's just so amazing and massive right now. She's crushing it. I had this song sitting around with a writer. I believe the movie "50 Shades of Grey" was looking for a soundtrack and we ended up appearing in the song selection. Once Dua Lipa got on it, we knew it was going to be in the movie. I've never had a song in a movie.

Coachella, EDC, ZEDD in the Park, and now Outside Lands. What has been your favorite performance so far?

It felt surreal. Everything was kind of just lining up and I haven't processed it entirely. It's funny because in the early stages of my career I did not have crazy shows or sets at these festivals. I'm just really happy that people are coming and enjoying the music. Zedd in the Park was super interesting, Coachella as well, etc. What just happened at Outside Lands was incredible too because I had the chance to play new music today. I was really happy with the response.

Coming from Chicago, how would you describe the music scene there compared to the rest of the world?

There definitely is. There are really creative and amazing artists that come from Chicago. There's a great atmosphere that comes from Chicago for creatives, people of music and all types of art. I was never really much into music in Chicago where it felt like a click for me. My friends of LOUIS THE CHILD are from Chicago, and other people in the electronic scene all moved to Los Angeles including myself. We kind of brought our scene to Los Angeles. Although we continue to make our records here, we all still have such a love for Chicago because that's the place where it all started. I love the Aragon Ballroom.

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Do you have any upcoming records you can share with us about?

I can hint that I'm going to be releasing a song with a group called Honnh. It's an amazing tune I played out today. It's literally about 100% wrapped up and ready to go. The rest of the project is about to be wrapped up too. It's part of the "Life of a Wallflower" Volume 1. This feels like the sound that I have going on now.

It wouldn’t be too much to possibly expect a full album from you in the future?

After "Life of a Wallflower" Volume 1, the album is my only focus in terms of music. I want my first album, my debut album, to be so perfect that every track makes sense. You know this isn't easy to do. It's quite hard to do. But at the same time it's my goal. Right now it feels like the time to be wrapping up this project. It's only seven songs. It could be considered an album if you look at it as one because I feel like I put enough time and effort to have be acknowledged as an album. But not yet. We're not going this the debut album just yet.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed with?

That's a good question. It's also funny because I have such an obsessive personality. I get obsessed with the littlest things. Right now I'm obsessed with thinking about the future. Not like my future but the future of the world. I think it's really interesting to see technology as it is today and how it's affecting the youth. I'm obsessed with finding out where are we, why are we here and why do we do all this? This is kind of crazy. I'm also obsessed with music so much that it's all I do all day.

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