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#WCW: JES, Dance Music's Real Life Barbie

25 March 2015 - - The DJ List


Dance music vixen, JES, proves why her impeccable artistry remains timeless, legendary and among the elite with Unleash the Beat Vol. 3. 


From singing and songwriting to producing and DJing, New York City born - Los Angeles based JES does it all. She has worked with longtime tastemakers and powerhouses like COSMIC GATE, FERRY CORSTEN, BT and TIESTO - just to name a few - providing vocals on multiple No. 1 chart topping tracks; many of which have become indicative of dance music. Her original singles have been remixed by industry greats such as KASKADE, ABOVE & BEYOND, ARMIN VAN BUUREN and many more, whom have all incorporated her music into their live sets and I know you have heard. JES has performed all over the world as support for the likes of ATB in addition to her own widely successful tours as a solo artist. She might as well be dubbed official Dance Music Barbie because today she celebrates yet another feat with the highly anticipated release of her latest album Unleash the Beat Vol. 3. 

Listen to Unleash the Beat Vol. 3 teaser:

I have had the privilege of seeing JES perform live twice in my lifetime, once a few years back and more recently in July of 2014, where I was graced with the opportunity of interviewing her at Exchange LA. This lady not only kicks major booty behind the decks, but she also sings live while dancing all across the stage and sounds as majestic live as she does on her album. She is a genuine spirit whose passion for what she does radiates through her high energy, kindness and love for her fans.

While her creativity and versatility are attributes that make JES timeless, her lack of fear for what is to come is the characteristic that allows JES to continue taking the future of dance music into her own hands and shaping it into what we know it as today.

As a singer-songwriter interested in making my own mark in the electronic scene, JES sits at the peak of my biggest musical inspirations list. She is a pivotal influence and role model. A true inspiration to many female artists within the dance music community. Her continuous success demonstrates how strong and groundbreaking a woman's presence can be in the industry.

Me + JES

JES (right) and Me (Bree Melero aka Taigar Lily at Exchange LA July 2014)

There is no doubt JES has seen decades of triumph throughout her career, and that is why she has rightfully earned this week's #WCW accolade.

‚ÄúMusic has been a big part of my life for so long it‚Äôs hard to imagine a day without it. It‚Äôs always been about being true to yourself, and that honesty will resonate with somebody out there.‚ÄĚ -JES

Listen to "Two Souls" off Unleash the Beat Vol. 3:

About Unleash The Beat Vol. 3:
Disc One starts the journey with the progressive bang of Alexy Romeo's "AWEX," JES moves skillfully between deeper cuts like Stan Arwell's "Outburst" and tougher beats such as EDU's "Alive." The mix includes the massive SUNNY LAXremix of her cult Tiesto collaboration "High Glow" and a haunting exclusive remix of "All Night" from Musical Freedom alumni ALEX BALOG.

Disc Two moves into higher gear, dropping some of the hottest trance cuts of the past few months. Opening with the driving beat of the NEW WORLD PUNX' "Torque" and moves on to tracks from trance luminaries JEROME ISMA-AE, Ost & Meyerand BEAT SERVICE. JES effortlessly folds in her own tracks with the celebrated Antillas and Dankann remix of her Sunlounger collaboration "Glitter and Gold," as well as the deep pulsing TENISHIA remix of her future classic "Runaway" with Cold Blue and Dennis Sheperd.

Unleash The Beat Vol.3 flows around you, over you and through you with an intensity that takes you back to a place that made you love this music in the first place. When the right artist takes the DJ's controls, you hear the music the way it was always meant to be. Essential!

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