Vintage & Morelli Stuns with “Hymn to the Night”

30 August 2019 - - The DJ List


On July 5, Serbian producer Marko Cubric, also known as VINTAGE & MORELLI, released his second artist album ’Hymn to the Night’ on Silk Music. This album showcases his unique compositional style, which “combines elements of house, progressive, trance, and downtempo into vivid, cinematic soundscapes.”

‘Hymn to the Night’ includes a wide variety of offerings from orchestral tracks to progressive and trance cuts. There is something for all electronic tastes. Many tracks include singer-songwriter and frequent collaborator, Arielle Maren as well as Canadian singer-songwriter Brandon Mignacca. The album opens with “Cosmic Overture,” a beautifully moving orchestral and piano arrangement. Producer RNX joins on ambient melodic trance track “Lonely Shore,” which is then followed by progressive house track “Senshi.” Energy builds with “Breathe” and culminates into emotive, club-ready tracks “Oh Darling,” “Love Is,” “Shadows,”and “Riptide.” A dreamy rework of 2017 single “Awaken” graces the album. “The Deep Abyss” is a drum and bass track that incorporates guitar, flute and upbeat synth melodies. Downtempo track “Last of Us” brings the listener down gently as the second to last track. The album concludes with the title track “Hymn to the Night,” full of whispered prayers, an evocative piano line and reverberative drums.

Vintage & Morelli made his US debut headlining the Silk Music 500 Tour this summer. Many had awaited for him to play in the states, and those lucky enough to catch a stop witnessed one-of-a-kind shows and heard many tracks from ‘Hymn to the Night.’ The energy from long-time Silk fans and those just discovering the label was electric. He is scheduled to play on Saturday, September 21 in New York at the Bogart House. For more information and to buy tickets, visit the event website.

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Additionally, those attending this year's Amsterdam Dance Event can catch Vintage & Morelli live alongside many other artists at the United in Prog event on October 16. Ticket information can be found here.

Make sure to listen to Silk Music Radio on their YouTube channel and listen to Vintage & Morelli’s recent guest mix on ABOVE & BEYOND’s Group Therapy.

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