Vagabonding with Luciano at the Season Closing Party

30 September 2015 - Elle LoFaro - The DJ List


Back on the island after a two-year hiatus, Vagabundos returned as a star with arguably the best tech-house on the island. The Cadenza posse enchanted the island all summer long, with its globetrotting attendees. Vagabundos shows yet another side of the party experience: the wandering, drifting side of the scene, both of the DJs who roam the world delivering their sound and of the night dwellers, always looking for the next party, the next event, the next afterhours, while displaying the variety of personae that the scene involves, figures of the night that come in all shapes and sizes. Vagabundos welcomes all showing similarity within difference, as we are all the same in being unique. Space satiates this vagabonding desire and experience welcoming all into its eccentric night of Latin pulses and peculiar characters, all tinged in enflamed red shades for a super-night where everything goes.

A little bit of a slow start did not keep this night from exploding into a fantastic supernova. DANI CASARANO had the Sunset Room ready with his idiosyncratic sound. Crossing styles, Dani’s refined techno fluctuated between tech-house and deep-tech with an intricate baseline and a sonorous sound. And when the dance floor of the Sunset Room picked up after 23:30, the Latin cadence guaranteed by Vagabundos emerged even in Swiss born but Chilean-based Dani. With the full super moon shining above the perforated camouflage sun sail ceiling of the outside terrace, the night turned the heat on.

The Vagabundos Room inside welcomed the crowd at midnight. Tapestried with thick red velvet curtains all around, the inside terrace was reminiscent of a circus with itinerant DJs always travelling the world to deliver excitement and entertainment to their ever-growing crowd of followers. The Terrazza appeared a cross between a circus tent and a saloon tinged in deep red. With lamp shades made out of top hats hanging from the ceiling and red flowers by the console leaving a sensual touch, the bizarre feel was complete, as one of the founding fathers of Slovenian techno Valentino had it going on with tech/tech-house.

Meanwhile, MICHEL CLEIS had taken on the Sunset Terrace. Discovered and rocketed into fame by LUCIANO, Michel has a distinctive way of delivering an eclectic House with a wide-ranging selection of tunes. A sensation, he went from Deep House Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons’ "Vermilion" through all shades of House. And as the moon slowly started to fall into the earth’s shadow, the Premiere Etage was at it as well, bustling with liveliness and some underground dance music. Indie Dance meets funky Tech-House, DADO REY and JANE FOX alternated all night entertaining the pack of party-animals under the clear night sky. With reinterpretations of favorites, such as "Walking with Elephants," "Jaguar," which always gets everyone going, and a tribal remix of "Music is the Answer," Dado had everyone captured with his thumping and groovy house, the rhythmic Latin flair having spread throughout the club to the upstairs dance floor as well. Back downstairs the final part of Michel Cleis was killer. With his distinguishing talent of being able to get even a non-House lover involved by covering the entire spectrum of the music style, he routinely explores all shades and variations of House, to satisfy even the pickiest listener, pulling out a most diverse and broad scope of the genre. With tunes such as "The Word Is Love,” Eats Everything "Fries with That," Cabin Fever’s "Don’t You Know," Michel was on fire with some of the most miscellaneous variants of the genre, vocal but captivating to extremes. His superb House carried the pack of party-animals to 2:00 when the sound switched to another Cadenza sensation Gianni Calipari who took the lead of the Sunset Terrace while RYAN CROSSON took over the Terraza.

In the Vagabundos room, Ryan brought the beat far underground. With touches of tribal, he stayed true to his philosophy of being off the grid turning the night to mostly unshazzamable tunes. Beyond underground, Ryan travels the wormhole between the origins of the genre to an experimental present, his left field sound everything but predictable. With hypnotic, tribal, and idiosyncratic beats, Ryan delivered an impressive set. Letting up a little in the middle, he kept it stable and brought on a slightly darker sound before starting a slow build up to the end. Bringing it back for his final half hour, the last part of his set went back to exceptional, vaguely reminiscent of underground techno from the early days.

The go-go dancers then joined the party, leading the festivities. With their top hats, dresses between black bathing suits and tutus, their long braids and sexy moves, they alternated between men, women, and everything in between, even on stilts. All kinds of enthusiasts came out to play: one in a suit suggestive of a rounder Charlie Chaplin, another in a circus or old day bathing suit, and even a pirate on stilts. In line with the shift of gear, the beat accompanied the visual interchange, turning heavier but playful after 3:00 a.m. As the crowd clapped along the Tech-House build-ups, a circus man in a bathing suit sat in front of the console with a corpulent woman striking poses, while a magician guy juggled a light, saxophone players danced around on stilts and the gorgeous dancers constantly changed outfits, from mini ultra low cut dresses to long transparent gowns, all rigorously black. In this way, Vagabundos personifies that sense of itinerant freak shows, as night revelers are often seen as hedonistic outcasts, a bunch of vagrant circus "freaks" in its most positive meaning, a term reclaimed by the community to signify freedom of human expression. As the denizens of the night wander around looking for the next bash to keep the party going, the search is quelled at Space, where every party need is satisfied to extremes. While Ryan had it going on, keeping at it with his remarkable talent, Gianni Calipari led the partiers in the Sunset Terrace as faces were being painted to match the wandering circus performer look and the eclipse beginning to dim the moon over. Very bouncy and engaging, Gianni Calipari was working it out making it hard to tear oneself away, had it not been Luciano in the other room, for when Luciano does when he does it best, the experience proves potently intense and extremely transporting.

Like some sort of teleportation into a different dimension, something just outside reality, Luciano made his closing night a special one. As the galloping basslines emerged, they took hold of even the most reluctant dancer’s muscles, so enrapturing that one almost did not notice the amount of people in the Vagabundos Room, which was not enough for the number of people saluting the night; while everyone would rather be squished than not make it in at all, the Main Room should've been opened. The music, as usual, made everything worth it as the charging percussion, the heartbeat of the music, took the revelers on a space ride for the rest of the night. With Shazam at a loss, the sight of Pipi by Luciano side as she twirled a teddy bear with a glitter shawl around her head was similar to the twirling sounds coming from Luciano’s mind and music productions. He came on really strong, as a juggler appeared intensifying the circus feel, for Space’s usual noteworthy entertainment shows. Luciano fully engaged on his closing night, getting heavier as the night continued. While even the full super moon outside took on the crimson hue of the party turning blood red as an apparent tribute to the Vagabundos closing, the entire club moved in unison, all part of the same tribe, with the kind of music that actually carries one away. With overlapping melodies, beats, movements, and developments, Luciano played around with various warbles, all strictly underground, with a sound from beyond the material world. Samplings from the depth of Luciano’s subversive rhythm are barely perceptible and hardly recognizable like distant whispers one is not sure to have heard, as the confetti machine covered the Terrazza with fragments of madness and the galloping bassline carried everyone to the morning and the end of a spectacular season. Under the inverted red and white circus canopies with red led lights streaming into them, everybody’s arms jointly raised in the air and synchronized to the beat, the Vagabundos room was banging until the end.

And as the revelers left reluctantly when the sunlight was already shining outside, everyone went vagabonding without Luciano and his posse. While the wandering continues around the globe, for both DJs and partiers, everyone is left reminiscing of Ibiza with the wild summer nights it brought to the island with its Vagabundos and co.

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