"URCA" From Just A Gent Is Finally Here

04 December 2019 - - - The DJ List


Just A Gent can firmly claim he is in it for the long haul with his new EP "URCA" - another showcase of his production skills and ever-evolving sound, out now through Monstercat.

Following on from the stellar singles "Time Voyage" ft. Hauskey and "Open Spaces" ft. Nevve, JUST A GENT presents this five-piece collection – one came from a place of wanting to make music he enjoys: “I felt like I spend too much time overthinking what people want to hear from me as an artist. I would sometimes find myself creating restraints on what I could make.”

Previously unreleased track "Iris in the Dark" features McCall and keeps things hot and heavy with a punchy drum and arp fest that feels like a full production chop flex from the producer. The EP also sees singer Olivia Grace appear on the title track and closer "Wings."

Sitting alongside fresh material, his previously unveiled singles find new meaning and context under thoughtful and thoroughly executed conceptual themes of system discord and the fight to restore balance. Just A Gent’s "URCA" EP is out now - give it a listen below.

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