Ultra Miami Postponed + Ultra Abu Dhabi Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns

05 March 2020 - - - The DJ List


As we embark on Festival Season 2020, there are some unfortunate event postponements and cancellations due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Appearing as a flu-like infection that affects the respiratory tract, the Coronavirus has swept up a large part of the world, and with that has created many growing concerns about large gatherings, and how the virus spreads.

So far, the Miami Herald has reported that Ultra Miami 2020 has been postponed until further news, with a full announcement coming later this week, after three confirmed cases of the virus has sprouted up in Florida and more are coming internationally. With a world class array of musical talent for the weekend, many additional music lovers travel from around the globe for their chance to dance late into the Miami mornings for Ultra.

“We are not saying canceling,” Carollo said during a news conference before the meeting. “We are saying suspending.”

However many sources are already speculating that the 2020 iteration of Ultra Miami has actually been cancelled, and will not be returning to the Waterfront Park until 2021. In conjunction, Ultra has also announced their sister festival in Abu Dhabi set for this weekend has already been cancelled as well.

There is no news yet on how refunds will be handled.

Please stay safe, and do your due diligence to keep yourself and your communities healthy. Stay tuned for more up to the minute news, and potential festival cancellations or postponements as we will be adding them into this post.

Festival Postponements / Cancellations
Ultra Abu Dhabi | Cancellation | Dates: 3/5-3/6
Ultra Miami | Postponement / Cancelled | Dates: 3/20-3/22
Tomorrowland Winter | Cancelled | Dates: 3/14-3/21
SXSW | Cancelled | Dates: 3/13 to 3/22

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