Ultra Music Festival: Day 1 – Six Sets Not to Miss

22 March 2012 - Adam - Techibeats.com


Today is the day when the masses begin to head to Miami.  Over 165,000 people are expected to be in attendance for Ultra Music Festival 2012, and thousands more are projected to be in Miami for supporting Miami Music Week affiliated pool parties, booze cruises, club nights, movie premiers and other events of all kinds.  Get ready to get live in some eighty-degree weather whilst plugged in to some of the world’s premier acts in EDM.  Here are six sets that we believe will blow your mind.  We tried to stay away from the truly blockbuster names, as if you’re a regular techi reader, y’already knuh whats good with them.

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Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights puts on a show that rivals anyone in the business.  You will hear glitchy hip-hop influenced bass lines blasting from his monitors one minute, then with a seamless transition, you’ll be jamming to soulful whomps with a hint of funk. There is no one else out there that produces music the way he does.  Some draw comparisons to STS9, but PRETTY LIGHTS tracks are sample based, so it adds a whole new dimension to the music.  And that’s just the music.  His visual aesthetic has developed over the past few years due to incredible stage design consisting of multi-tiered led video displays as well as coordinated light and laser shows bouncing over the crowd.  Pretty Lights truly cares about his fans and their experience, why else would he give all of his music away for free at PRETTYLIGHTS.COM? Check out one of my personal favorite live mixes of all time that he performed on new years in 2009 for an idea of what to expect.

Pretty Lights – After Midnight (Live Mix) | Stream Only

Neon Indian

The one-man band, Alan Palomo, is NEON INDIAN.  Palomo composes the music himself then hires a band to help bring it to life on stage during live performances.  Known for his acid style electro influenced tracks; he put on one hell of a live show. You will definitely be grooving through your third eye courtesy of the trippy visuals and coordinated lights that accompany him and his band on stage.  If you miss Neon Indian this weekend, fear not as you will have another opportunity to see him at Coachella as well as on his many North America tour dates.

Dada Life

Oh boy do I love these guys. First off, anyone who smashes bananas in their fans’ faces are winners in my book.  Couple that with constant champagne showers and ginormous blow up bottles and ‘nanas floating through the crowd and you have your typical Dada show.  Olle and Stefan, the two crazy Swedes who are DADA LIFE, are responsible for absolutely ridiculous production; in part due to their ‘sausage fattener’ plug-in, but mostly because these guys know how to produce bangers.  With original productions like ‘White Noise Red Meat’ and ‘Cookies With a Smile’ as well as remixes of the industry’s biggest names that may (or may not) be better then their originals like Kaskade’s ‘Dynasty’ their clout is undeniable.  Get ready to kick out the epic motherfucker with these two in Miami and don’t forget to rock your banana suit if you’ve got one, that could be your ticket on stage!

Note: At EDC these dudes brought a full marching band on stage to play with them! What do they have in store for us at Ultra this year…

Nicky Romero

It was January 6th, 1989 when young Dutchman NICKY ROMERO first saw the light of day. Born and raised in a small city called Amerongen, Nicky developed an interest for music at a very young age and has risen to be an EDM phenomenon.  With his massive remix last year of Green Velvets “Flash” the man has simply become an overnight sensation playing UMF last year and gracing the main stage at EDC Vegas. While what we have come to expect from Nicky is greatness all of his productions are progressive, synthy, and tend to destroy dance floors.  Check out his “Miami 2012” compilation where he and dynamic duo MYNC showcase fifteen new tracks including Romero’s recent release “se7en”.


At the young age of 17, the French producer’s career has already taken off associating himself with other widely successful artists such as DEADMAU5 and PORTER ROBINSON and claiming fame with his NuDisco/House beats as featured in his popular recent remixes of “Raise Your Weapon” and award-winning “The Island” by PENDULUM. With his refreshing and talented composition that only continues to consistently develop, he is an artist to keep your eyes….or ears open to as he makes his UMF debut at this years festival ….that is, to an audience much older than himself.

Treasure Fingers

Signed to Fools Gold Records and hailing from Atlanta, Ashley Jones, otherwise known as TREASURE FINGERS, is the single most underrated DJ performing at Ultra.  His rise to popularity is marked by the release of his hit ‘Cross the Dance Floor’ and subsequent other feel good disco inspired tracks as well as remixes of his originals by big names like CHROMEO and DESIGNER DRUGS. While that’s how most people know him, he is also a member of the prolific drum and bass outfit Evol Intent, though that hard-hitting D ’n B won’t be his objective at Ultra.  He claims to be “all about smiles on the dance floor” so if you like to dance and smile then this is a set you wont want to miss.

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