Trivecta Releases ‘Everyday’ EP on Ophelia

28 April 2020 - - The DJ List


Trivecta’s debut EP 'Everyday' is out now on Ophelia. ‘Everyday’ is the perfect embodiment of TRIVECTA’s evolution of sound, incorporating folk, guitar, and acoustic instrumentation alongside progressive and electro house elements.

The EP opens with “Intro (The Feeling Of It All)” a beautiful acoustic guitar melody that evolves to incorporate piano and snares, building into a cinematic introduction. Previously released single "Leave It All Behind” is reminiscent of both Of Monsters and Men and Avicii. “Wasteland” is an emotional ballad with two movements; progressive house and melodic bass. RICO & MIELLA lend their talents on the title track, “Everyday,” a unique blend of future bass and indie. Trivecta effortlessly bridges the gap betweenbass music and melodic songwriting.

"I’ve been of the mindset for a while that melodic bass could use an injection of some fresh energy; it’s always just been about finding the right angle and being able to execute it. I’ve gotten really into indie folk music over the last couple years and so putting this together happened very naturally,” he said. “I’m really excited for this fresh take and all the doors it’ll open up creatively.”

Listen to the 'Everyday' EP out now!

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