Torn Palk Makes Absent Mind Debut

24 May 2019 - - - The DJ List


London label Absent Mind return this week with another fabulous release just in time for the weekend! Bringing pure sun-soaked vibes, Torn Palk presents his latest single "Juliana."

The track is another slice of Palk’s understated brilliance, with its hypnotising looped guitar riff, it grows in intensity with his impassioned croon. "Juliana" brings about retro and futuristic fragments to create something that flows without genre restraint, to create a fully immersive listen from start to finish.

The single is described by the artist: “Juliana’ is about a situation in which you feel fully connected to your surroundings. This can be a place, a person or memories of both. It’s a simple love song.”

We’ve been in love since first listen, so male sure you check out all things Torn Palk below.

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