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27 February 2017 - - - The DJ List


With SXM Festival at St. Martin right around the corner (March 15-19) a comprehensive guide to prioritize who to see in Saint Martin. If you have certain DJs you like that are not here then by all means go see them but these are some of the headliners that will be playing at different parties at SXM Festival. There are over 20 parties, using 7 locations, and 1 boat party over a 5 day span. You don't want to miss one of the hottest parties of the year!

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Ricardo Villalobos – What hasn't been said about the Chilean legend? He's attained a cult-like status in the underground scene from old school, to young kids just starting to listen to electronic music. Ricardo was just featured in the documentary 'If I Think of Germany at Night' that follows him and viewers can see him at work and what makes him so unique and popular to this day. There should be no reason to miss out on Ricardo as he'll be closing SXM Festival and be the final DJ of this epic event.

Black Coffee – Looking for beautiful inspirational house music? Look no further than BLACK COFFEE as he brings his unique positive spiritual Afro-house style to Saint Martin. This South African has risen to super stardom and is now headlining major festivals around the world. You can catch him on March 16th at Happy Bay on Saint Martin.

Lee Burridge – If you've been to Burning Man and like electronic music; then you've probably heard of LEE BURRIDGE. Over the years Lee has gone from techno to his own sound he's created with his label All Day I Dream. You wont wanna miss his charismatic set in the Caribbeans as he'll erform a Sunrise set on the final day of SXM on March 19th at Layla's.

RPR Soundsystem – It's a rare treat to see the Romanian trio of Raresh, Rhadoo, and Petre Inspirescu play together in North America. Anytime these three unite you know it's going to be a big party. In 2016 they made history by setting the Guinness World Record of longest ever set. Although they wont be doing anywhere close to the longest set ever at SXM Festival, they will be headlining at The Otherside Showcase party at The Refuge on March 17th

Francesca Lombardo – You wont find a more talented producer than this Italian born musician. Francesca was classically trained before she got into electronic music, and lays down her own vocals to her tracks. She's released songs under major underground labels like Crosstown Rebel, Flying Circus, Leftroom, and One Records and her own label Echoe. You can catch Francesca at the Flying Circus party on March 16th at Layla's.

Sebastian Mullaert aka MINILOGUE – Even though Minilogue has gone their separate ways at the moment to work on their solo careers, you can still catch one half of Minilogue in SEBASTIAN MULLAERT still touring and playing live. Since going solo Sebastian has had major releases and remixes on labels such as Kontra Musik, Cadenza, Green, Hypercolour, and Traum. You can catch Sebastian at the WombxMita party at The Refuge March 16th .

Martin Buttrich – Not too many DJ's can construct a proper set using only their own music but MARTIN BUTTRICH's career has spanned over 20 years now and his catalog of tracks and remixes are over 300 songs. With his own huge library he is able to constantly deliver a proper build up and peak set that has the dance floor going wild and dancing to his music. If you've never seen Martin play before now is the time to catch him; as he always delivers. You can catch him at Tantra for the BlkMarket Membership party on March 16th .

Chaim – If you've never heard of CHAIM before but you've probably listened to his music without knowing it. Chaim is a producers producer as he has created massive hits over the years like “Love Rehab”, “Round About”, “Blue Shadow”, “Crack”, “Genesis”, and “Sun Tease”. Chaim's career really started taking off in 2007 as he collaborated with Guy Gerber and released the hit tracks “MySpace” and “Beaches”. Over the years Chaim has released tracks on almost every major underground label like Cocoon, Visionquest, Rumors, Bedrock, Saved Records, Culprit, 20/20 Vision, Moda Black, and Bpitch Control. You can catch Chaim play a live show at the Deep House Amsterdam party on March 16th at Happy Bay and also he'll headline and play a DJ set at the Members Only party on March 17th at Layla's.

NU – If you've never heard of NU expect a much slower style of tribalistic house. You can usually see NU play alongside Acid Pauli, Lum, and Bedouin. NU has made releases over the years with Crosstown Rebels, Diynamic, Kompakt, and Suol. You can see NU play a sunrise set at Layla's on March 18th.

Richie Hawtin – If you want to get into techno then you start with the Detroit legends (Kevin Saunderson, DERRICK MAY, CARL CRAIG, JEFF MILLS), and then RICHIE HAWTIN. There's no artist who's helped pushed techno no new popularity more than Richie Hawtin. From his labels Minus and Plus 8, to tutorials on how he mixes his sets, to his innovative ENTER parties, creating his own sake brand, and even coming out with his own mixer recently. There's no one who's more respected for what he's done for the genre and will be throwing down a massive set for the closing party alongside minimal legend RICARDO VILLALOBOS on Sunday night at Happy Bay March 19th .

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