06 May 2013 - 128AndUp EDM Magazine



Yes, that’s what I call this album fresh out of ABSTRACT’s master chief’s data base!

By the legendary SVEN SCHALLER, ‘Outside World’ brings techno to the next level, with BPM’s not dropping bellow 132, this album is a must have! I’ve had the pleasure of listening to it’s contents to its entire timing and what I heard is far beyond the average techno tracks, full of transitions, double echoed kicks and loud synthesizers perhaps going above it’s red lines, makes you think “who needs cocaine when you got Sven Schaller on the decks” and yes… just take a quick listen to the contents of the Album and if you’re not as impressed as I am, then you need to reconsider your taste for techno, you might want to walk straight down the hall to the left where the mainstream is located because this is obviously not the place for you…

Featuring 10 tracks of non-stoping sounds of glory being in the United States, when I hear this tracks it makes me think of an episode of the movie XXX with Van Diesel, one of those club scenes full of hardcore techno heads, the vice side of the German techno scene. Yes… with all its content if you know what I mean.

talo Business producer KEVIN WITT was correct when referring this producer over the ears of 128AndUp Magazine, quality can’t miss quality, and this is by far, one of the most impressive albums I’ve ever wrote a review for and Im truly honored, out now on Beatport, you can’t miss this release!

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