SVDDEN DEATH and SNAILS Present “Deathmatch”

02 April 2020 - - The DJ List


Two of bass music’s most fearless heavy-hitters have teamed up for a collaboration of epic proportions. After touring together in 2018, SVDDEN DEATH and SNAILS unite for their first collaboration "Deathmatch." Packed to the brim with booming bass, “Deathmatch” is a journey to the frontlines of dubstep and riddim’s most speaker-wrecking sounds.

“We started this one on the tour bus a little over a year ago, and after 5 different versions I’m really stoked on the way it turned out,” SVDDEN DEATH expresed.

SNAILS added, “We’re excited to present you with a one of a kind track. Enjoy Deathmatch!"

Listen to "Deathmatch" out now!

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