SVDDEN DEATH and SLANDER Join Forces for “Blood on Me”

21 August 2020 - - The DJ List


Bass music monoliths SVDDEN DEATH and SLANDER released their first and highly anticipated collaboration "Blood On Me," which made its first appearance back in May during a b2b set on a BASSRUSH livestream. Since then, fans have been blowing up socials asking for the release and it’s finally out on GUD VIBRATIONS.

“We have been wanting to work with Danny ever since the Alchemy tour last year,” said SLANDER. “His performances on that tour really showcased his unique style and were very inspiring. Really glad we finally made the song happen. Everyone should go check out his other music, as well!”

“Blood On Me” combines both acts’ sounds while still breaking the bounds of what we’ve come to expect from them. Haunting vocals and a luring melody entice the listener. Tension builds with driving percussion and acid synths, making way for a powerful, earth shattering, drop.

“[The] Slander boys have always been super supportive of my project, and I was really stoked with the opportunity to work with them,” said SVDDEN DEATH. “Really excited for and happy with this song, and I feel like it takes a pretty unusual direction melodically and with heavy stuff that’s different from a lot of my other work.”

Listen to “Blood On Me” out now!

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