Supernature releases highly anticipated compilation: Kolors

09 September 2013 - - - The DJ List


Kolors is not your average compilation; the project explores the individual visual perception of color and how that compares to the unique auditory experience of music.

The 15 contributing artists have all chosen a color to define the essence of their track. The selected colors expand the traditional spectrum with on-point specifics like ‘Matt Silver,’ ‘Lunar White’ and ‘Mint Green’. Regardless how many adjectives used, everyone will see these colors differently, and that is exactly the point! The experience of colors, like music, is subjective.

The project’s rich concept adds layered depth and gives listeners an expanded auditory experience. The colors are well considered and one hears the artistic intention behind the labeling.

In a profoundly personal, artistic revelation artists also provided the reasoning behind their selection, evoking instant imagery and placing listeners in the mind of the musician. Of their track, ‘Lunar White’, John Charnis & Jimmy Maheras said, “When we wrote the song the melodies reminded us of the moments in a dark dance floor where people's faces were illuminated, whether by strobe lights and lasers, or the glow of the moon in an outdoor party.” That visual association becomes abundantly clear when one listens to the corresponding music. On ‘Fuchsia’ DANCE SPIRIT say, “’Fuchsia’ is the color of universal harmony and emotional
balance and helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life. That is what we are trying to attain through the message of this song, and our music in general.”

The album takes listeners on an oculauditory journey through time and space; from JULIEN CHAPTAL’s lush and peaceful
‘Orange’ to Doomwork’s moody and introspective ‘Midnight
Blue’, the LP tells a story. Kolors features seasoned supernature artists like DEN ISHU (who also releases under Desolat and NOIR), Carlos Sanchez (a young gun, blazing the industry by storm, receiving praise from industry veterans like Danny Tanaglia and RICHIE HAWTIN) and AUDIOFLY to name a few- but true to their standard the label focuses on emerging talent. Affirming the strength of the label’s talent pool, even the new family members deliver auditory
joy in epic proportions.

New to the imprint, BALCAZAR & SORDO’s “Blue”, is pure tantric! The track demonstrates beautiful restraint, true energy control, feeding one deep, groovy bass line after another in perfect cadence. On the duo MACEO PLEX has been quoted saying, ‘These guys are very close to writing a big hit, I can tell”. Well if they haven’t already this is probably the one. Expect to hear it across dance floors this summer.

This album invites you to experience music differently from everybody else, on your own personal terms, based on your own vision. Art is subjective, what you see may not be what I see, and that is the beauty of it. So sit back, and give it a listen… or 10, stroke your chin and ponder deeply. Unlike most dance albums, or label for that matter, Supernature and Kolors wants you to do more than dance, they want you to think and feel and groove - they want you to experience music on a whole new level.

1. Julien Chaptal - Orange
2. Dance Spirit - Fuschia
3. Gab Rhome; Maher Daniel - Turquoise
4. Evans - Lavender
5. JON CHARNIS; Jimmy Maheras - Lunar White
6. Balcazar & Sordo - Blue
7. Ilario Alicante presents ILL-R - Mint Green
8. Den Ishu - Deep Red
9. Carlos Sanchez - Mauvelous
10. Jonny Cruz - Purple
11. Audiofly - Matte Silver
12. Doomwork - Midnight Blue
13. Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod - Light Pink

The compilation is out now on both Beatport and Juno!

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