Sunta Moon Showcases Second Single, "For You I Would Stay The Night"

21 June 2021 - - - The DJ List


She kickstarted her solo career at the start of this year with the beautiful "Reality," and now Los Angeles based artist Sunta Moon is revealing her second record.

Self-released and titled "For You I Would Stay The Night," she combines soulful story-telling with stunning instrumentation for this release, which features production by Eduardo Ozorno - known by his alias Eddie Boy.

Summing up the energy and feelings of this song, Sunta Moon says: "So the song is about how it takes more than just some texts, a beautiful face, attraction or a shared moment to actually have something meaningful. That’s why the lyrics say “It’ll take more than that for me to say- that for you I would stay the night.” But in the end the song is hopeful, as in maybe some day there will be a person who is the exception, who is that emotional beautiful connection.”

Take a listen to "For You I Would Stay The Night" below.

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