Sunshine and Good Vibes Grace Grum’s Rooftop Show in San Francisco

21 August 2019 - - The DJ List


Beautiful, clear, blue skies and panoramic views of Downtown San Francisco set the backdrop for the latest installment of rooftop parties at Hotel Via with Anjunabeats’ Grum. With Oracle Park right across the street and the SF skyline in view, attendees could not have asked for a better way to spend their Sunday.

“Everything was top notch. Having this event at such a beautiful place, looking over the ballpark and city is definitely priceless!” expressed Edgardo Clavel.

The afternoon began with a set from San Francisco’s own Willscape, and as the crowd grew so did the excitement. Many attendees in Anjunabeats merchandise greeted each other with warm hugs and smiles. For almost everyone I talked to, seeing familiar faces from the Anjunafamily and meeting new people was a major high point.

“The crowd and security was extremely welcoming where the occasional push through the crowd was always met with positivity and even sporadic conversations with strangers,” said Ryan Russell.

“A highlight was seeing the same faces from other Anjuna shows in SF,” said longtime Anjunabeats fan Daniel. “It really made it feel like the weekend was never going to end partying with people we'd see on Friday and Saturday nights.”

This was hosted by All Day All Night Events, which has become synonymous with some of the best electronic events San Francisco has to offer.

“I would say the uniqueness of having an intimate rooftop party with a gorgeous view and even more gorgeous music is a standout event that adds complexity to our scene beyond the typical nightclub, a healthy sign of a thriving community,” said Russell.

No detail was spared to ensure the event would be memorable for everyone in attendance. The DJ booth was draped with white flowers, there was ample space to enjoy music and even the sound system surpassed expectations.

“I was impressed that they bought out the Funkion One speakers. The crisp sound really stood out compared to other rooftop parties,” said Daniel.

At 5:00pm, Grum came on for a 3-hour set. Mixing in hits from Cosmic Gate and Above & Beyond amongst his own songs kept the crowd dancing and singing along as the sun began to set.

“Grum played a killer set with the likes of “Is it Love,” and Tinlicker,” said Raj Chetal. “The vibe was insane.”

“The music was exactly what I had hoped for, intertwining moments of competition with friends trying to I.D. unknown songs,” Russell said. “Grum keeps a close attention to his craft and doesn’t distract himself with pony shows or partying, acting as a professional curator for the people and creating a memorable moment for the San Francisco Anjunafamily amongst the clouds.”

This event was truly unlike any other I’ve attended. Nothing beats spending time with friends in a picturesque setting, enjoying the music that brought us together.

Photos courtesy of Edgardo Clavel

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