Sunny Lax Releases ‘End Of Our Time’ EP

14 May 2020 - - The DJ List


For 14 years, Hungarian producer Levente Márton (aka SUNNY LAX) has been an ANJUNABEATS mainstay. His newest chapter is marked by the release of his 'End Of Our Time' EP.

Penned before world events took a turn for the worse, the five-track EP celebrates all aspects of the Sunny Lax sound in 2020. It opens with the tranquil “If I Knew It Was The Last Time,” a cinematic, building introduction. Sunny then serves up club-ready “Close To Me,” “Angels With Filthy Souls” and previously released single “Mother.” The EP closes with a track called “Stay,” featuring EL Waves.

"When I titled my EP 'End Of Our Time', I never thought it would reflect on the current global events. But I don't believe in coincidences,” said Sunny Lax. “I truly believe this is the end of our time as we knew before, and we're at the beginning of something new and better. I believe we all will realise and redefine the true values of life, and come out of this together and stronger.”

We are at the cusp of fixing broken systems that no longer serve us in order to build something better. ‘End of Our Time’ reflects this with a ray of optimism for when we can all gather on dancefloors again. If our time is now, Sunny’s playing us out with a bang. The End Of Our Time EP is out now on Anjunabeats.

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