Sunday Soother: Tracks to Slow Your Roll

Sunday Soother: Tracks to Slow Your Roll

15 April 2012 - Adam -


For this weeks edition of the Sunday Soother we have some really special tracks for you. To start us off, the first song is by an artist who must remain anonymous until their EP drops later this week (on 4/20), although I can safely say that it is a BIG name in the EDM industry.  For the rest we have some lo-fi soul, a bon iver inspired track, some wobbles, and a Game of Thrones inspired track by NACEY (sorry, I’m a nerd. I love that shit).  Finally, the last entry in the list, TIMO GARCIA’s the Future, is actually an interview with JIM MORRISON from the early/mid eighties about the future of music intertwined with Garcia’s deep ambient sound.  I know it’s a bit long, but really listen to what Mr. Morrison has to say, he speaks the truth.

?? – ID | To Be Released 4/20

Mitis – Brings Renewal | Hulkshare

Panama – Blossom | Bandcamp

Scuba – Dream | Boomkat

Nacey – Game of Thrones Bootleg | Soundcloud

Late Nite Tough Guy – Lovely Day (LNTG Remix) | Stream Only

The Chi-Lites – The Inner City Blues (Project Tempo Remix) | Stream Only

78 Edits – Doing Alright | Stream Only

AB/TC – Dark Horse | Stream Only

Timo Garcia – The Future Ft. Jim Morrison | Soundcloud

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