Subtronics Establishes "Cyclops Army"

07 June 2019 - - - The DJ List


Ahead of festival season, SUBTRONICS makes his anticipated return through his newly-launched label Cyclops Recordings with the ‘Cyclops Army EP’ featuring four new tracks from the insanely hot Philadelphia producer.
Under the moniker Subtronics, Jesse Kardonhas made a name for himself crafting destructive dubstep anthems with a distinct focus on sound design over the past five years. With the arrival of his new EP, he’s honed his sound even further; chock full of melodic lines and catchphrases that keep you hooked throughout.

The "Cyclops Army" EP opens with the title track, a huge dubstep anthem that showcases Subtronics sound to a tee. "Glitch Fight" comes next with a menacing undertone before "Loopholes" mixes heavy drops and bass stabs. Closing things off, "The Call Me" brings together a whole mix of genres that work seamlessly well together to produce an onslaught of vicious bass.

Discussing the release, Subtronics notes: “The 'Cyclops Army EP' is all of my favorite unreleased slappers that I have been refining over the past year. The goal is to blend heavy dubstep and left field bass music while pushing boundaries and doing something unique. The EP will be released on my new label Cyclops Recordings. The label name and EP title are a tribute to the day-ones in my fan group Cyclops Army.’’

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