Stillwell unleashes a chilling techno tune

22 November 2012 - - - The DJ List


Techno producer STILLWELL has slowly been gaining traction this year after moving from producing psy-trance to techno. His newest release on SunSun Records shows his ever evolving style.

The beginning carries a menacing start that matures with a haunting vocal and slowly builds into a punishing ending as you can hear the convergence of the beginning and middle all meeting at the end of the track. The track has been supported by NICK MUIR, ALEX KENJI, Bora Bora Music. You can purchase the track here on Beatport

The second track is a remix Stillwell made for FUNKAGENDA to help showcase his music and has gained tons of traction with people. The intro has an old progressive sound that carries it for the first minute and then explodes into an high energy dark room dancing composition.

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