Steve Brian Releases ‘Asteroid Factory’ EP on Enhanced Music

10 December 2019 - - The DJ List


Steve Brian’s new 'Asteroid Factory' EP is out now on ENHANCED Progressive. This release follows singles “Jupiter Boulevard” and “Us” and is the perfect way to close an incredible 2019.

‘Asteroid Factory’ has themes of space with soundscapes to match. Opening track “Us” is an uplifting ode to love featuring Miami-based singer CHRISTIAN CARCAMO. Patrik Humman joins on “Jupiter Boulevard,” an anthemic track with signature progressive trance sounds. TABASCO BOB collaborated with Brian on “Astral Haven,” which incorporates house elements for a fun club anthem. “Stargazer” brings back those trance sounds to make for a euphoric melody complemented by a snappy drum lines. To close the EP, “Phobos” slows things down and creates a celestial, almost meditative, vibe.

The 5-track ‘Asteroid Factory’ EP has something for all types of progressive trance fans and is another great release from Enhanced Progressive’s leading artists. Listen to the EP out now!

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