Stefy De Cicco & Kriss Raize Redo

Stefy De Cicco & Kriss Raize Redo "Blue"

17 July 2020 - - - The DJ List


Universal Germany is playing host to a new record today, and it's been produced by the killer combination of STEFY DE CICCO and KRISS RAIZE. It's been over twenty years since "Blue" from Eiffel 65 came out, and now you can indulge in a 2020 remake.

Between them they have clocked up millions of streams for iconic dancefloor pleasers and this is no exception. Speaking on "Blue," the trio that is Stefy De Cicco explains: “It’s such a big honor to get to work on this record, a big dance music classic. We added our sounds to this great melody and are super happy with the result… very excited to see the if people will like it as much as we do!”

Stream "Blue" now.

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