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10 April 2017 - - - The DJ List


How did you get into music in the beginning?

Chris: Our families have always been into music, like if you come to any of our Christmas', everyone is good at guitar. My mum, we call her 'Tambourine Trish' because she plays the tambourine. Sometimes she's out of time but at least she's hitting it and having fun. My dad makes ukuleles. He's retired now so he started doing that. We have always been musical, Matt learned the guitar in school and went to guitar lessons. I learned piano and later in life I taught myself guitar.

Who or what is your biggest musical inspiration?

Matt: Grandpa. Also, AC/DC. I wanted to be Angus Young. I wanted to be the lead guitarist. I had posters of Angus Young on my wall. Yeah, so for me it was AC/DC.

Chris: I just wanted to be like Matt.

Describe your sound.

Matt: Party, jäger, drinking, vodka, sweaty, banging...I was going to say forgetful because you'll forget at the end of the night being so drunk. It's a good time. We're not really like a sound, we've never really been a sound. We do play a wide range and we play to the crowd too.

You were snowmobiling recently - how was it?

Chris: It was sick. We love snowboarding, that's our thing. If we're not DJing we're going snowboarding or surfing. We're pretty energetic and outdoorsy and that was something different that we always wanted to do.

Matt: It was cool. It was three different levels. I was like man, this isn't that fast. The guy was like okay then just push this button which was sport mode. It was f*cking dangerous. But it was was good!

How is your Spring Break tour coming along? Your favorite moments?

Matt: It's been intense. It's been crazy. We're going to the Bahamas again. We went to Miami and went on a boat cruise called Inception At Sea. It was like four days of madness. On the fifth day, it was Friday morning and we get off the boat and Chris had to get off early for some reason it was like 6:30 AM and when I woke up it was like 9:00 AM. I was like where are you and he goes I'm at E11EVEN with 3LAU and BASSJACKERS. I was like are you serious? So I went to E11EVEN on Friday morning at 9:00 AM, I've already been here for 3 hours and I don't remember what time we left because that place is 24 hours 7 days a week. Of course we couldn't check into the hotel so that was a brainstorm of great ideas. I would say that was one of the most memorable moments so far.

Talk to us about your weekly radio show ‘Something Big’. Where did the idea come from?

Matt: Something Big is actually 'SB' which is STAFFORD BROTHERS obviously. We wanted it to be a record label and logo 'SB' as well. So a record was like 'Something Big'. It had to do with stuff that is big so that's how we came up with it.

Chris: We used to do a lot of interviews with artists and get their insights into their production and how they came up with that song. We did that for about a hundred episodes. It's really hard to get DJs to talk to you so we eventually phased that out and now we're just doing three tracks and a spotlight on the artist which is a lot easier. You can tune in on Evoliution, iHeart, iTunes, etc. it's in fifty countries. It's on right now on Friday nights because they just tweeted me.

Talk to us about your record ‘Coventry Carol’.

Chris: So how that came about was Jägermeister. We were supporting the brand and they came up to us and they said they were doing a Christmas album. BORGORE was on it and some other names. The whole promotion was around that - take an old song related to Christmas and redo it to 2016. So we took "Coventry Carol" which was an old song and redid that. Everyone was taking like "Jingle Bells". It was a really cool concept. We just got a really big record feature on that and we are going to re-drop the record.

Do you have any upcoming music you can share with us about?

Chris: So much. We've been in a holding period and now we're about to release a lot of music. We're in a great position.

Matt: We have so much music. We have countless records with some amazing features. We can finally drop a lot of new music. This is the year. We've done "Coventry Carol" and a track with JOE GHOST on "Rasta Jump". That was our last two records since. We haven't put out any of our radio records or anything like that and that's all coming. It's exciting.

What is the craziest thing that has happened so far?

Chris: So many. I've jumped out of a plane. We were surfing this summer and a great white shark came right beside and they had to clear the beach. That was pretty scary recently.

Matt: When we went skydiving my parachute didn't open. We didn't realize it until we watched a video of that. Obviously it did open in the end...

What is one thing you are obsessed with?

Matt: Alcohol.

Chris: We just been on a seven day detox. I love the gym. I love gigs. This is the fun part of the job though. F*ck sitting on a plane and all that sh*t. When you get to the gig there's always people ready to go party. That's what's all about. I love to party.

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