SONDR & VIZE Collaborate For "Kids"

09 March 2020 - - - The DJ List


Dance and pop acts SONDR and VIZE have just pooled their talent to make a new single. The producers behind hits like "True Love" and "Glad You Came" join with vocalist Lilly Ahlberg for "Kids," which has just been released via Ultra Music.

Co-written by the Swedish singer and songwriter Shy Martin, "Kids" is a distinctive electronic track with rhythmical bite and memorable vocal hooks. SONDR says of its origins: "We had a great time working with VIZE and Lilly Ahlberg on this record. We always like to include organic instrumentation in our songs, but this is the first time we used a string orchestra. Between the orchestral arrangements, Lilly’s indie-leaning vocal and VIZE’s signature “Slap House” style we feel we have created a unique sound with this record. Everything fell into place naturally and we are really happy with the outcome!”

Stream it here.

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