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Said The Sky or Trevor Christensen, began his musical story by playing the piano and other instruments at a very young age. The Colorado native is widely respected and fostered success through his fresh perspective and production prowess. He brings with him a myriad of melodic work and it is evident in his new album "Wide-Eyed". If we had to describe his music in one word it would probably be called beautiful. We got a chance to really sit down and learn more about his beginnings, music and more before his sold out performance at Cornerstone in Berkeley, CA.

How did you get into music from the very beginning?

So I've been telling people a lot lately that it's from my mom putting me in piano lessons in the second grade. I loved her for it but I hated her at that time. After a few years I didn't want to practice but I'm glad that did happen. Recently, my mom showed me a bunch of these old videos on VHS that she had taken of me. I was probably one or two years old, very little, and there was a Michael Jackson song on the television. I was jamming through it and I had a fake trumpet. When I was super little I had this bouncy chair that I would bounce in time with the music playing. I think my mom always knew I wanted to do music and deep down I always knew I wanted to do music from birth basically. It wasn't until I actually started playing the piano and learning instruments that I figured like whoa you can build entire songs and albums on the computer now.

Describe to us your sound.

From a purely sonic standpoint, it's melodic dance music I guess. A lot of trap and future bass. It can fit into all of those categories but what I'm trying to do or what I really love is just the feeling of nostalgia. There's some level of happiness in that. There's something so peaceful when you're thinking about a moment you had when you were being a kid again. That's what I want to try to portray in my music if I can.

Who or what is your biggest musical inspiration?

There's really tough. There's so many. I can't give credit to just one. My taste so all over the place. I'll go from listening to a bunch of Odesza, instrumentals, percussion, acoustic guitars, etc. It's very organic.

You are currently on your Wide-Eyed Tour. How has it been so far?

It's been great. It's been so much fun. We're about half way done right now and it's really cool to see all these people in so many different areas of the country who are so into the music. It's a very surreal experience.

Talk to us about your album "Wide-Eyed". How long in the making was this?

I mean technically, two years. It was probably eight months to a year before the release of it that I knew I was going to put out an album. It was a lot of sitting on music that I made and realizing that all of these songs could fit in one world that makes sense.

What is your favorite record off of the album?

I've been asked that so many times and I don't know if I can give you just one. I probably have to say "All I Got" if I absolutely have to. There's also "Affection" and "Over Getting Over You". There's so many songs on there that I like for very different reasons.

Do you have any upcoming releases you can share with us about?

I did just finish up a remix recently that I can't tell you what it's for just yet. It's coming out pretty soon!

When you perform a live set what is your setup?

So I have a laptop up there running a lot of the tracks with a Midi Fighter to control Ableton with. I also have a keyboard with just a piano sound I use throughout the whole set since it's based around the piano. I have a drum pad on the side with some drum samples. My buddy Dave who've I known for ten years comes out and plays marching snare with me. We both used to march in high school.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

Owl City.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed with?

This might sound weird but just the phrase "it is what it is". It's the most cliche and basic sentence ever. But whenever I get stressed or anxious about something I think about it. It is what it is right now, you can't do anything to change it. All you can do is change what happens next. You have full control over the moment right now on you no matter what may happen around you.

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