Seven Lions Releases ‘Find Another Way’ EP

30 March 2020 - - The DJ List


Fans patiently waited over a year and a half, and now SEVEN LIONS is back with his 'Find Another Way' EP; out now on Ophelia. ‘Find Another Way’ blends beautiful acoustic songwriting and vocal performances, heavy and melodic dubstep, psytrance, piano and trance influences, precisely tuned sound design and even chilled-out house on this five-track EP. The EP opens with a collaboration with AU5 and CRYSTAL SKIES. Soaked in multi-faceted dubstep and psy-trance, “Remember” swells through distinct movements that create a dynamic, powerful track. Following come previously released single, "Only Now," and “Senseless” with TYLER GRAVES. “Senseless” takes a more chill, pop approach than the first two songs, putting the spotlight on Graves’ vocals. “Another Way” with April Bender incorporates uplifting trance elements that translate into exciting and euphoric. The EP closes with “What’s Done is Done” featuring vocals from the talented HALIENE.

Listeners will not be disappointed with this five-track EP that perfectly encapsulates Seven Lions’ sound and proves yet again why he’s remained a mainstay in electronic music.

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