Secret_Project Festival Elevates DTLA with epic VIP experience

01 October 2018 - - The DJ List


The once-gritty corners of Los Angeles' Chinatown now serve as an epicenter for the convergence of modern arts and alternative culture. From large-scale art exhibitions (Beyond the Streets) to some of the trendiest food and beverages, the graffitied walls and empty streets are coming back to life with a vibrant vengeance.

The latest foray into downtown's grand revival is Secret_Project Festival: a master curation of LA's thriving creative culture celebrating music, food, craft cocktails and art. Hosted by Insomniac's Factory93, the inaugural event will create experiences utilizing existing local businesses, venues and, of course, an incredible roster of artists.

Beyond the lineup, which is arguably one of the most expertly constructed of 2018, unique to Secret_Project is their VIP experience. Partnering with David Chang's fairly new restaurant Majordōmo and NYC-transplant half-apothecary, half-speakeasy Apotheke, Secret_Project Festival is a prime example of how producers can work with local businesses to seamlessly  and deliver the ultimate VIP package. Where most VIP experiences are limited to expedited entry, shorter bar lines and separated viewing areas, Secret_Project offers a few extra perks.

Those who OPT in will enjoy:


  • Custom menu designed by the Majordōmo culinary team (1 meal per person included)

  • Private cocktail bar (1 complimentary drink per person)

  • Private restrooms


  • Specialty craft cocktails

  • Shaded outdoor bar

  • Comfortable viewing area at Stage 2

  • Private restrooms

Plus More

  • Expedited festival entry

  • Onstage viewing areas at both stages (subject to capacity)

  • Private bar and shaded areas at Stage 1 viewing area

  • VIP restrooms behind each stage

  • Access to Majordōmo & Apothéke via secret pathway

Upgrade your festival experience - Passes available here.

Secret_Project Festival makes it debut to Chinatown this October 13th-14. This year's lineup is setting the bar for future iterations, featuring BICEP, BONOBO, ÂME b2b DIXON, PEGGY GOU, TALE OF US, ROMAN FLÜGEL, CARL COX + so many more. This is set to be one of the most memorable events to hit LA in the last year.

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