Sarah Isabella Starts Her "Dangerous Trip"

12 April 2019 - - - The DJ List


We're always looking to add new rising R&B starlets to our rotation and London’s Sarah Isabella just caught our attention. Her new song "Dangerous Trip" is a directly written, chilled listen about the shift in a relationship.

Out now through Absent Mind, "Dangerous Trip" is as honest as it is infectious, oozing languid melodies and groove. Up and coming producer Tolu Shorts’ bold production perfectly complements Sarah’s superb vocal performance, and the deeply personal nature of the tracks lyrics, juxtaposed with the shroud of mystery she’s maintained, is sure to generate intrigue.

‘’Dangerous Trip is a journey of free-falling into intellectual stimulation and unplanned loving, with all of the risks it brings. It takes the perspective of a love which isn’t youthful or glamorous, but more rugged and enigmatic.”

We’ve been in love since first listen - make sure you give Sarah Isabella’s "Dangerous Mind" a listen below.

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