Sacha Robotti Talks Dirtybird And The Toll Social Media Takes On Artists

20 October 2017 - - The DJ List


If you ever meet someone that says they're the biggest sloth fan around, you better tell them to check themselves because they clearly haven't heard of SACHA ROBOTTI. The Belgium-bred DJ/producer is a staple figure within the dance music community- his bouncy beats and infectious energy locking him down as a Dirtybird fam favorite with selects like "Thumper Bumper" and "Melato Nina".

Sacha is a connoisseur at crafting tunes that are certified booty bouncers and head boppers- whether he's keeping things kooky in classic Sacha fashion with his newly released tunes "The Solstice" or making dark hard-hitters that satiates the souls of techno lovers worldwide with "Believe In Me". Seamlessly able to fuse thumping kicks with artistically diverse synths, his versatile ways prove that the tastemaker knows how to wrap a crowd around his finger.

Time and time again, the fun-loving free spirit has secured himself as a must-see at festivals like Lightning In a Bottle, Burning Man and Coachella to name a few- and now, his very own headlining #SlothAcid tour that's been sweeping away the masses:

Your first headlining tour has been a massive success so far- congrats! Tell me about how the tour has been so far.

Thank you! I'm very happy about how it has been going. The promoters killed it, the fans have been lovely and more supportive than ever! My fave stop so far was Nocturnal Wonderland for TAB. I also played in some cities I've never been before: Kelowna, Edmonton, Boston with CHRIS LAKE, Washington with J.PHLIP, Vancouver with RYBO!

I see you’re back and forth between LA and Berlin, right? Immersing yourself in such a musical powerhouse of a country like Berlin, do you find yourself drawing inspiration from the underground scene there? If so, from artists/sounds like who/what?

Not really, I went to Berlin once this year so far, and once last year! However I've lived there for 16 years before I moved to LA. It's a great city with traditionally one of the most vibrant scenes when it comes to electronic music, so yes it was a huge influence on me in all aspects of my life. I started my DJing and production career there around 2005, back then aka Robosonic DJ team. Berlin was a stepping stone for me to travel the world! I owe that city a lot.

Talk to me a bit about what the journey has been like since you joined the DB family and what being a part of such a huge, unique community of people means to you.

We go back a long time, I've been a fan of the label since like 2006, and I met Christian and JUSTIN MARTIN around 2009 in Miami and Europe, in turn they introduced me to CLAUDE VONSTROKE, WORTHY, Catz N Dogz, J.Phlip... I've released on many labels over the last 12 years under different monikers, but I rarely felt anything remotely as genuine and inclusive, you said it: “Dirtybird family”.

The label is one of the reasons I'm still passionate about what I do musically, the sound influenced me and motivated me to get better, and Vonstroke supported my move to the USA. Without Dirtybird in my life I wouldn't have done or achieved many things I set out to do. Also I've rarely seen such a fun bunch of fans!

I think it’s safe to say you MIGHT have a love for sloths. Your life must be quite the opposite from a sloth’s life between the constant hustle of touring and producing- do you ever have moments where you kinda just wanna check out from that life and just sleep/move slowly for the rest of your life?

Yes, every day I have those thoughts. I love what I do! My job, vocation, calling, or whatever you want to name it, is creating and performing music – for now at least, I have big plans and dreams. However you're right, the lifestyle can be quite insane and take a toll on your physical and mental health if you don't find balance. A thing in 2017 which I love-hate, is being accessible 24/7 on my phone and social media. I love it and I have to embrace it fully because I can connect and reach people directly with my music, and talk to the next generations.

I also hate it because it turns many people (including me I suppose) into a narcissistic validation machine out for likes and fame.. that messes with the brain like an addiction. I met lots of self conscious young people here who define themselves by their online presence and literally can't have a face to face conversation for more than 5 minutes without checking their devices, or who get depressed when their posts don't have enough likes. Swipe left swipe right.

In the process, most of us seem to be overlooking the fact that we're handing all our data to corporations who can track every move and conversation we ever had. They own us like in 1984. So yes, I have this fantasy that once I'm done with my music career, I'm going off the grid. I suspect that might never happen though!

Going off of touring or producing, do you prefer stage time or studio time?

They're both interconnected. Stage time is extroverted, spontaneous, in the NOW, and it gives me a kick and the feedback from the crowd to continue on my journey! Production time is more introverted and creative, you have to put in the time, and it ultimately facilitates stage time!

You put up an insta post recently (in proper sloth attire) outside The White House captioned “what would you do if you ruled the world?”. So let’s bring that question back around to you- what would you do if you ruled the world?

Among many other things: find an alternative to capitalism, end nukes, take care of our planet especially in terms of replacing fossil fuel use and reducing pollution, provide free education, end hunger, work on a sustainable future technologically and socially, maintain peace, find cures for illnesses. On a more sarcastic note, search for another planet where we could move to because as it looks like right now, we're on a path of self-destruction.

If you could have a pet sloth for keeps, what would you name him/her/maybe even them if you’re down for more of a squad of sloths?

Saruman. Or Rick and Morty if it was a pair.

What’s been your absolute favorite place that you’ve ever visited and/or played a show at?

Romania is definitely up there! Lebanon is dope, Columbia is very special, Mexico and Panama as well, Australia is fun too! I played most gigs in my life in my former home base Berlin, so I definitely have tons of good memories from that city. Oh and California obviously!

Following the tour, what’s in the works? Potential EP or some new collabs?

Yes, both! I'm releasing new tunes soon.. on my new label SlothAcid. Surprise!

Snag tickets HERE to catch Sacha on the #SlothAcid tour before it wraps up on December 2nd in Brooklyn, alongside Chris Lake!

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