IN / ROTATION Compilation Album ‘Rotate Vol. 4’ Out Now!

27 October 2020 - - The DJ List


Insomniac’s house-centric imprint IN / ROTATION brings the best of up-and-coming artists in the fourth installment if its Rotate compilation series. ‘Rotate Vol. 4’ is packed with 10 new Rotate recruits including English duo HOLLAPHONIC, Brazil’s MKJAY, West Coast wave rider CURT REYNOLDS, TRACE, LOST MINDS, MADBLIND, Aussie sensation NEEDS NO SLEEP, WILDFIRE, Discovery Project alum ARNOLD & LANE, JOLUCA, LUKE ANDY, and Gibson Parker. A few of the featured acts, shared their thoughts on the compilation:

Arnold & Lane
“With the perfect groove and catchy sounds of ‘Faith & Family’ people have no choice but to cherish togetherness and happiness. We ask the Question: ‘Why can’t we just be all family?’ And urge people of the world to love your brothers and sisters, an important reminder that we all came from the same ancestry. In these trying times, what we need more than anything is faith, family, and love. Unity among all of our global brothers and sisters is essential to growth and peace. We found that IN / ROTATION would be the perfect label to represent this global sound, as they stand for the same principles. We are honored and privileged to finally be a part of this label; it’s been a goal of ours ever since we began this journey!”

“Just started making [‘Treat You Better’] trying to bring some UKG vibes but it still sounds like a house track. The result, for me, was awesome and a lot of great artists enjoyed this one, like AC SLATER, FLAVA D, DJ Q, ILLUSIONIZE and more.”

Luke Andy
“I was elated to be part of this huge compilation with INSOMNIAC. I was lucky enough to play Countdown and Hard Summer in 2020, and also got to perform on the Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland live streams during quarantine. I am really honored to finally release a track with Insomniac and I’m excited to finally share ‘Miss Independent’ with everyone!”

“Back when COVID was merely a glean in 2020’s eye, we met up with the legendary Dances With White Girls for an unforgettable studio session. The track is an ode to finding the next party when you’ve already been to a few; something we’re intimately familiar with. We hope the catchy and absurd lyrics resonate with everyone as much as they do with us. We’ve had the hook stuck in our heads all year.”

Curt Reynolds
“I am super excited to have teamed up with Chauntae’s powerful and moving energy to create such a dynamic dance song. I think we found the perfect balance of deep, club house progression and no-holds-barred vocal action to really push the envelope on what is possible in an electronic production. Thanks to Insomniac and IN / ROTATION for giving this exciting song a home and opportunity. I can’t wait to see this song fall into the ears of current
and new audiences around the world.”

Chauntae Pink
“I love dancehall and have a huge passion and respect for it. Fusing this highly influential genre I grew up with and house music was such an incredible way to push the creativity of both genres and make a unique, dance sound even more enticing to an international audience.”

Make sure to check out ‘Rotate Vol. 4’ and keep an eye for all the exciting things to come for IN / ROTATION.

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