Review: SLACKK - Raw Missions - EP

21 June 2012 - - - The DJ List


2012, the year the world's supposed to end, right? It sure seems like it, based on how much incredible, genre-defying music has been released, and on a mindbending scale. One artist to keep a lookout for is Londoner SLACKK, who's styles vary greatly from release to release. The new release "Raw Missions" (Local Action Recs) marks his first release of the year, and he certainly isn't slowing down.

"Blue Sleet" sets the tone of the release and definitely starts the EP off with a bang. Neon synths gliding along loosely mechanical percussion, with just the right amount of variation to keep your head nodding the whole time.

"Fat City" is the slow jam of the release, still maintaining the purple vibe of Blue Sleet, but with a more reserved tone. This one reminds me of 90s West Coast Gfunk on acid. Overall I wouldn't play this out live due to the more laid back atmosphere, but it is still an ear-catching tune nonetheless, and would fit into many a mix.

"Almost Transparent" sets up a surreal atmosphere right away. Odd elements, like the off-pitch piano and out-there clicky percussion keeps you interested. It all comes together when the subtle yet booming baseline hit. It's another lower energy track, but equals out Raw Missions excellently.

The choice cut for me is "90 Years", which starts out with a simple grime beat, quickly leading to an eerie old school sample (the sky is about to open up in your head) but drops with the weight of 10,000 subwoofers. The Untold-esque main synth carries the track very nicely, and is what really does it for me. It's fairly straightforward, but doesn't need more. On a system, this is a proper weapon, fit for anyone that even remotely enjoys grime.

Recommended for any fans of grime, forward-thinking music in general, or lot's of snares and claps.

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