Review: Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy (Djuma Soundsystem remix)

04 October 2012 - - - The DJ List


Djuma Soundsystem is back in the studio; their latest remix of MAYA JANE COLES' “No Sympathy” has marked his return to production this year. You may or may not not have know of DJUMA SOUNDSYSTEM by name, but you have probably heard of their famous track, “Les Djinns” remixed by Trentemoller back in 2003, at numerous shows and festivals. Since then, Djuma Soundsystem has been releasing tracks here and there, but 2012 is really the year where the duo has released an increasing amount of tracks. Djuma Soundsystem has also been collaborating with other producers like KOLOMBO, DISKJOKKE, UMEK, and AKI BERGEN to help release great music.

However, none of those tracks have gained as much attention as the remix he did for Maya. Djuma Soundsystem slowed down the tempo of the original track and added different piano rifts, giving the remix a deeper sound. This isn't a floor burner track, but is more geared towards a groove set. There's a haunting sound that goes very well with both Maya's and Djuma's style of music. This track has been supported by the likes of NICK WARREN, TERRY FRANCIS, LUCIANO, AUDIOFLY, and DUBFIRE.

It’s available now on Beatport.

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