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20 August 2014 - - - The DJ List


The ever powerful label Kompakt has returned from it's sabbatical of doing it's compilation series and has released 'Total 14'. With it's ever growing list of amazing releases and artists compiled over last year this is a release that's not to be missed. With established artists like KOLSCH, MACEO PLEX, BLOND:ISH, SUPERPITCHER, COMA, GUI BORATTO, and DJ TENNIS to up and coming producers like DAUWD, DAVE DK, SASCHIENNE, DAMH, THE FIELD, and SEBASTIAN BOUCHET.

The first track starts off with the very beautifully crafted and melodic track by Dauwd that helps establish the mood which leads to COMA's stringy melodic track “Atlantis”. Next is a spacey track by Gui Boratto which is complimented well by Kolsch's “Cassiopeia”.

You'll find a variety of different tracks in the 'Total 14' that captures every mood of human emotion. You get desert vibes in “Disko 90” and Blond:ish's “Wunderkammer” to Electronica sounding tracks by WEVAL, The Field, and Partial Art's blend electronica beats with dark minimalistic feel of “Taifa” that sucks you into the song. There's even an happy go lucky carnival like sound from JURGEN PAAPE's “Heuriger”.

There's something for everyone when it comes to 'Total 14'. Whether it's big room hits, to chill vibes, and slow building tracks. There's nothing but quality for this great compilation and worth buying and supporting on Beatport .

CD 1 / LP 1

1. Dauwd - Lydia
2. COMA - Atlantis
3. Gui Boratto feat. Coma And Hell - Take Control
4. Kölsch feat. Gregor Schwellenbach - Cassiopeia
5. Terranova feat. Cath Coffey - Headache
6. Dave DK - Palmaille
7/A. Superpitcher - Delta
8/B1. Saschienne - Horacio Delirium
9. Blond:ish - Wunderkammer
10. GUNJAH & Niconé - Disko 90
11. Maceo Plex - Conjure Superstar
12/B2. Weval - Something (Live)

CD 2 / LP 2

1. DAMH - Black Night
2/C1. Thomas/Mayer - Unter Hölzern
3. Thomas Fehlmann - Eye
4/C2. Voigt & Voigt - Tischlein Deck Dich
5. Sebastien Bouchet - Broken Heart
6. MICHAEL MAYER - Lamusetwa (Matias Aguayo Mix)
7. DJ Tennis feat. Pillowtalk - The Outcast
8/D1. The Modernist - Die Fette Gazelle And The Hidden Sixpack
9. Partial Arts - Taifa (The Emperor Machine Mix)
10. Justus Köhncke - Loop
11. The Field - No. No... (John Tejada Mix)
12. GusGus - This Is What You Get When You Mess With Love
13/D2. Jürgen Paape - Heuriger

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