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27 November 2012 - - The DJ List


Knife Party paid homage to old friends, new friends, and Internet Friends at a MixMag Live concert in London, celebrating their first-ever interview in the magazine and the release of their new mix, “Clever Title Like DEADMAU5 Would Use.”

While people in the US were making their turkey dinners, I was headed for an old Victorian warehouse in the club-packed Shoreditch section of London where Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire were about to play. Entering through the brick arches, the electronic sounds of the opener, PEGBOARD NERDS, put me right at home.

In anticipation of the MixMag party, this wildly talented Scandinavian duo gave away their track, “Close Encounter,” and a first listen to their addictive electro-synth drops already had me hooked. The Pegboard Nerds’ massive remix of Krewella’s “Alive” put the bass-hungry crowd into motion, and next up was xKore, who turned out more bass and kicked up the tempo with a huge remix of “Falling Down.”

A roar from the audience signaled the moment KNIFE PARTY took over the stage and launched their triple-assault intro, mashing SKRILLEX’s “Right In” vs “Internet Friends” vs a new track. It’s the same intro they played for Denver on Halloween and presents the perfect snapshot of where the sonic duo is at right now, mixing old friends like Skrillex with new takes on fan favorites and a taste of what is to come.

“Rage Valley” got the VIP mixes rolling, and that’s when the moshing began. Girls clambered up on shoulders as quickly as they were told to get down, bros who looked like they just came off the soccer field bounced off each other, and the crowd surfing began.

“Internet Friends,” “Antidote,” and “Destroy Them With Lasers” were the other VIP upgrades for the night, and these amped up tracks served as cornerstones for fans throughout the show. Gareth even pulled a STEVE AOKI/Dada Life move with the spraying of champagne for the first drop of “Internet Friends.”

When Knife Party made another smooth transition into “African Drop,” featured on the new mix, everyone started singing “yeah, yeah,” then listened in awe as Knife Party pulled off one of their astounding double drops.

“Make Some Noise” by CHUCKIE came out to play, Knife Party’s mix of Labrinth’s
“Last Time” took everyone around the world, and a banging track by DJ NINJA FLASH encouraged the audience to “Choose Your Powers.

In a great moment during “Last Time,” Gareth pointed his finger skyward, singing along, “Round the world like a merry go. New York City, London Town…”

In less than a year since Knife Party’s first game-changing EP came out, their signature style has evolved, and with a release of a great new mix and a “Haunted House” EP in the works, they are definitely making their mark “Round the World.”

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