Review: Helix - Stacks Riddim EP

Review: Helix - Stacks Riddim EP

20 July 2012 - - - The DJ List


Do y'all know about Helix? If you don't get familiar real quick, because his tunes are pure brilliance.

Stacks Riddim is by far a dancefloor destroyer. Absolutely blasting 808s power this one all the way through, guided by more snares than you can shake an mpc at. The drum structure draws elements from house, b-more, and trap, yet is completely separate from anything I've heard. Although the track is extremely minimal as far as sonic elements go, it's frantic, high energy madness, blending all kinds of random subgeneres. The result is something indescribably airhorn-worthy.


On the flip side, we have Honig, a sparse, 4x4 house mover, aimed at pleasing. Although the progression is slow, the expansion pays off in the form of blissed out rave stabs and pads.

This whole release is highly recommended for anyone that loves 808s and BRRRRRRAP!

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