Review: French Fries - What To Do 2011

Review: French Fries - What To Do 2011

29 July 2012 - - - The DJ List


Yo, French Fries is murdering EVERYTHING, and his newest tracks are nothing less than stellar.

"What To Do 2011" is a long overdue release (as the title suggests), that essentially acts as a rework of Thomas Bangalter's anthemic track "What To Do". This one is fueled by massive bass drums, mid 90s house percussion, crunked out synth sounds, and sporadic vocal sampling create a very hyped up atmosphere. Once all of the elements come together, you know you've got a keeper. Plus, you seriously cannot deny those hi hats, I tell you! Overall this track is deadly for any occasion.


On the flip side we have "One Ting (Dub Mix)", that puts to use a pitch bent sample of r&b diva Amerie's "One Thing". The track is a hybrid mutation of the best elements of trap and house, with just the right amount of hand clap in a very smooth package. You know it's all business as soon as those subs hit.

Highly recommended for anyone and everyone.

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