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24 April 2014 - - The DJ List


Amidst the myriad of electronic dance music producers releasing new singles and remixes every 10 seconds, it gets increasingly difficult to find standout tracks. Sounds have become a dime a dozen, with new material recycling previously used synths and motifs. Bass-driven EDM such as dubstep is no exception; artists, one after the other, have used the ear-piercing midrange synths set with an oscillating wobble to create the clichéd sound that has dominated American music culture for the past 4 years. Critics, especially dubstep purists, have coined the term “brostep”, claiming the new sound has taken away from the original sub-based synths and replaced it with more aggressive tones.

With their self-titled album, live performance trio THE DEVINE XPERIENCE reconciles the two sides of the argument, balancing their usage of heavy sub-bass tones with midrange distorted synths in a concoction that combines dubstep, trance, breakbeats, techno, and even some psychedelic elements. A harkening back to electronic bass music traditions while giving it a modern spin suitable for 21st century listeners is what gives this album an edge over today’s seemingly cookie-cuttered productions.

The album starts off with “In A Dream”, combining 909 drum samples with a distorted bass wobble, techno synths, and vocal samples (including V For Vendetta’s infamous ‘governments should be afraid of their people’ quote) to give listeners a chilled out, psychedelic experience. “Completely in a Trance” continues on that vibe, using trance synths and low-pass filters to send listeners further down the rabbit hole of a sonic wonderland. “Strange Mutation” adds a bit of playfulness with its chromatic passing tones in the main melodic line with heavy subs and a downtempo beat in the background. “Alien Love Truth” adds more trance synths to give an out-of-this-world sonic experience, while “Alien Dust” goes back to the dubstep sound with distorted bass wobbles. “The Answer” and “Touch the Sky” utilizes layers of synths and samples to wrap up the psychedelic journey of the Devine Xperience. But even as that journey ends, a new one begins on the dance floor as remixes for “In a Dream”, “Completely in a Trance”, and “The Answer” by DECODING JESUS vs. The Duke & The Kaiser, DJ D-XTREME, and Scott Weiser (Jackal of JACKAL & HYDE), respectively, are included in the album. These three additions to an already solid set of originals by The Devine Xperience will surely get listeners into a high energy dance mood.

The Devine Xperience’s self-titled album drops worldwide on iTunes - Friday, April 25, 2014. Be sure to pick up your copy and prepare yourselves for a cosmic sonic journey!

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