Ralvero and NICCI Team Up to Release "Spicebomb" on Hysteria Records

13 January 2014 - - The DJ List


On January 7, RALVERO and NICCI released “Spicebomb” on Hysteria Records. Lately, critics have noted that chart-topping electro house tracks have maintained a similar sound: a long-lasting build, with a bass-heavy drop. “Spicebomb” however, provides a different sounding drop, with a bouncy, catchy feel that fans are loving. The continuous beat is a bassy one that is almost impossible to listen to without bobbing your head up and down to the beat. With such a fun, upbeat vibe, it’s no surprise this song has already reached number 9 on Beatport’s Electro House Top 100 chart.

Dutch DJ Ralvero first caught our attention in 2009 with his hit, “Party People.” We heard “Party People” and other tracks like “Jackpot” and “F*** What You Heard” throughout clubs and festivals worldwide. Ralvero’s hard-hitting style is perfect for big events, as his tracks provide a let’s-party vibe that makes you want to get up and dance.

With a similar big room style, it seems a collaboration between Ralvero and NICCI is a perfect one. NICCI’s tracks like “Vago” with NARI & MILANI and MAURIZIO GUBELLINI, and “Again & Again” with Maurizio Gubellini and DELAYERS, provide huge drops guaranteed to get a crowd jumping. “Spicebomb” is no different, as we’ve seen it dropped at huge past events. We’re expecting the electro house track to continue to rise on the charts, and we can’t wait to hear it at events to come. Download “Spicebomb” here.

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