Pyra Steers Her "Regret Me" On Absent Mind

08 September 2018 - - - The DJ List


After being crowned by Apple Music as their Best New Artist in 2016, with a million-plus plays of her music, Pyra has gone from strength to strength. For her latest outing the self-confessed ‘solar soul’ has teamed up with indie label Absent Mind.

Together they bring you the single "Regret Me." A soulful, stripped back cut - which was not only written but produced by the lady herself - it’s a downtempo mix of R&B vocals and crisp electronic production. "Regret Me" showcases Pyra’s ability to deliver a soothing, dream-like vocal tone set to pitch perfect production: strings, synths and suitable percussion set the mood.

This release is out now, so go check it out here.

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