Pulselocker Live Podcast: Mandbeil tHzloun

19 July 2013 - - The DJ List


This week’s Pulselocker LIVE guest comes to us from a rock orbiting a star in a distant galaxy many lightyears from here. Mandbeil tHzloun has come to earth to be closer to his human brethren; to feel inspired by our oceans, our mountains, and the fruits of our creative endeavors. He aspires “to harmonize with the rhythm of nature which can be emulated and concentrated in a musical environment.” Fair enough.

A master of the groove, Mandbeil assembles his sets with touches of techno, house, disco and soul, and whips them into a futuristic fusion, in an effort to achieve a higher form of communication between our species.

Influenced by artists such as Tycho, Kevin Saunderson, Alexander Robotnic, Roxy Music, and The beloved Beatles, Mandbeil tHzloun’s over-arching goal in this artistic journey is quite simply: to have fun.

Join us at 4PM PT and don't forget to check Pulselocker


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