Pulselocker Live Podcast: LUROB

14 June 2013 - - The DJ List


This week's installment of Pulselocker Live brings you influential San Francisco-based producer and DJ, LUROB.

Since the release of his first track, "Dubalicious," featured on Mark Farina's House of Om mix, Lurob’s productions have been embraced by DJs worldwide. He has collaborated with acclaimed artists such as MILES MAEDA, Tony Hewitt, WALLY CALLERIO, DEREK DUNBAR, UNEAQ, ALEXANDER EAST, STILL ROB G and JAKE CHILDS.

Currently, Lurob serves as A&R manager for Tango Recordings developing new deep funky house sounds with rising talent,while offering them a chance to go beyond their nuanced musicality.

Lurob’s creations and live performance influences range from underground Hip-Hop to Samba and Funk, while his original works and DJ sets take listeners on journeys that push the boundaries of House and Techno.

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